Local SEO Agency Publishes New Blog Post On Diversity In Online Marketing

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La Mesa, CA-based All Systems Go Marketing recently published a blog post titled ‘Get Some Diversity in Your Online Marketing Efforts.’ The blog post discusses how diversifying a business’ marketing efforts can have positive effects on the extent of their outreach. Over time, digital marketing has changed in a number of ways, and many businesses have found new strategies that work especially well for them. Most businesses choose to stick to strategies that they have found to be effective but, according to All Systems Go, implementing a diverse set of strategies can yield positive results.

“When your business grows with the same marketing campaigns rolled out annually, you might not feel compelled to push the envelope or challenge the norm,” says the blog post. “After all, why fix what ain’t broken? But then, this comfort zone will most likely lead you to be complacent, which will cause your site to underperform and eventually experience a decline. Yes, it is inevitable that your business will face stagnation and regression if you don’t adapt to the dynamic nature of online marketing. You need to try and be more open to adopting a more robust strategy. And what better way to do this than to be aware of new opportunities and try to see if they are applicable to your business.”

One type of outreach that businesses might find to be effective is proximity marketing. Proximity marketing has been around since early 2013, and it continues to see new developments (like Google Beacons) that could increase the effectiveness of any business’ marketing efforts. Beacons can send out signals within a limited area, allowing one to target devices (like mobile phones) based on location. Proximity marketing is widely used in malls and commercial districts to send text messages to people in the area, informing them of special offers and discounts. This opens up a wide range of options and can potentially allow businesses to reach people who they might otherwise never reach.

Currently, online marketing is dominated by chatbots, with many businesses having realized that conversational marketing can be particularly effective. By integrating one’s business with platforms like Facebook through chatbots, it becomes possible to engage with one’s target audience through their or the business owner’s app of preference. Chatbot integration can also include other social media assets, the business’ website and external messaging apps which ensure that all of the business’ bases are covered and clients can reach their representatives on multiple platforms at any time. This is particularly effective when looking to communicate with younger generations that have shown an increasing desire for quick and efficient 24/7 service.

Businesses may be interested in voice search optimization as well. As the blog post says, “Voice search optimization (VSO) is also something you need to look into, as there have been more pieces of evidence that prove its efficacy. According to comScore, of all searches to be performed in 2020, 50% will be through voice searches. Moreover, Gartner also foresees that screenless searches will comprise 30% of all searches in 2020. Finally, Google also revealed in its study that 72% of people with voice-activated speakers claim to use their devices daily. You can definitely take advantage of these trends in VSO to benefit your business.”

All Systems Go Marketing can help with any of the marketing strategies mentioned in the blog post and others. The agency has, since 1999, focused on working for and partnering with small to mid-sized businesses. Instead of looking to reinvent digital marketing, the agency aims to provide quality marketing solutions that work for each and every client. The company has, since 2015, been focused primarily on HVAC businesses. All Systems Go Marketing approaches each project with a single goal: to increase the business’ clients and deals. The company’s techniques are based on 20 years of digital marketing experience and have been proven to be effective time and time again.

La Mesa, CA businesses in need of effective marketing services can get in contact with All Systems Go Marketing today to get started. The agency is always looking to push the boundaries of online marketing and looks forward to providing their expertise to new clients.

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