Car Accident Lawyer in Athens Reminds Those Involved in Accidents What Never to Say at the Scene

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The Brown Firm has posted a new blog on their website that points out what individuals that are involved in an automobile accident should never say at the scene. This prominent Athens Car Accident Lawyer has taken the time to write this blog so those that have been involved in an accident can better protect their legal rights pertaining to the incident.

Managing member for the firm, Harry Brown, had this to say, “Take it from someone who has been part of thousands of car accident legal proceedings such as myself, that litigating these types of cases can be very tricky even for the most experienced lawyers. I have seen several instances while handling automobile accident claims where a simple statement given at the scene has shifted the amount of liability for the cause of the accident or has significantly reduced the settlement amount that a victim should have been entitled to. As a matter of fact, the best advice I can give to anyone that’s been involved in an accident is to make medical attention a priority and then next consult with an attorney before making any further statements. Our newest blog will help give those involved in an accident a better understanding of what not to say immediately after they have been involved in a car accident.”

The new blog from this highly-rated lawyer for car accident injuries starts by giving an eye-opening statistic. It states that the average person will be involved in up to 4 accidents in their lifetime. This includes everything from minor fender benders to severe crashes involving injuries. The blog says that even minor fender benders can produce a chaotic situation that can leave the strongest of individuals razzled, shaken up, and in shock. This type of mental state will make it hard for anyone to think straight and make logical decisions. Those who read The Brown Firm’s new blog should be at an advantage if they get in an accident because they will already have some good knowledge as to ‘what not to say’ after they have been involved in an automobile accident.

Among the advice in the new blog on what not to say after an automobile accident includes saying I’m sorry. This simple statement can be misconstrued as an admission of being at fault for the accident. The new post also recommends that those involved in accidents never state they are not injured. It explains that this is because sometimes injuries such as whiplash do not show up until several days after the accident, so it’s best to at least be seen by a chiropractor or other medical professional before making this type of statement. Other good advice in the blog on what not to say after an accident includes ‘I accept’ as far as an insurance company’s initial settlement offer is concerned, making an official statement about the accident, and giving any statements that include the words ‘I think’ in it. The new blog was also very emphatic that those who are involved in an accident never admit to being at fault and that the best way for someone to protect their legal rights after an accident is to say nothing at all until first talking to a lawyer.

Attorney Brown’s three decades of legal experience not only has given him the knowledge to put accurate information in the firm’s blogs but also enables him to successfully litigate a large majority of the car accident cases that the firm handles. That has resulted in many of their clients leaving glowing reviews on their accident-related legal services. In Jana Parks 5 out of 5-star review, she states, “Everyone that I worked with at The Brown firm was so pleasant and happy to help. I always felt like they had my best interest at heart, they worked hard to make sure that I received the settlement that I deserved. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends!” Attorney Brown attributes part of his firm’s success to the fact that he brings more than just stellar legal credentials to his automobile accident cases that involve injuries. He says, “I’m one of the few attorneys who is also a medical practitioner, so I know how to work with other attorneys, healthcare providers, and insurance companies to get the best possible outcome for my clients.” The firm’s managing member acknowledged that this dual knowledge base helps him not only successfully handle car accident claims that involve injuries but also cases that involve workplace injuries, slip & fall accidents, medical malpractice, and more.

Those that would like more information on the car accident legal services that The Brown Firm in Athens, GA offers can email them, use the instant messaging service found on their website, or reach them by phone 24/7.

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