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CoCounselor Announces Launch Of New Personal Injury Case Management Software

October 06, 2020
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Atlanta, Georgia-based CoCounselor is reaching out to the community to announce the launch of their enhanced personal injury case management software for specialized law firms.

"One of the major drawbacks that law firms of any size are bound to experience is the retirement of their important senior partners in the business," states Mark Lally, a representative of CoCounselor. "If the transition is not done smoothly, this can greatly destabilize the firm's activities and their effectiveness in dealing with new and old cases alike, putting a damper in their operations. This creates a major problem not only within the firm, as their ability to handle cases effectively decreases, but especially among clients who feel unsatisfied with the disappearance of a familiar — and trusted — face. This is where our software comes in, as it can smooth out such transitions and ensure that responsibilities are reallocated with grace. In practice, this has the effect of ensuring everyone involved is comfortable with the changes, including the client.”

As CoCounselor explains, Law Practice Management Software can be of great help in effecting a smooth and efficient transition within a law firm. They help their clients create a succession plan that can be enforced as soon as necessary, creating clearly defined roles that can be easily fulfilled by every partner in the firm with minimum resistance. While this may seem difficult, or even impossible at first, they explain that proper planning and forethought can transform any transition into a hassle-free endeavor.

Lally says, "Through our software, our clients can easily document the responsibilities of every major and minor partner in their firm. This will be very useful when the time comes for the partner to leave the practice, as their responsibilities can be equally distributed among the remaining partners. If done correctly, they should have no problems in dealing with the tasks previously handled by the leaving partner. It, therefore, becomes very easy to redistribute the vacated roles among the remaining partners or even hire a new staff member to replace the retired individual."

The more accurate a person's responsibilities are represented, the easier it becomes to address the common issues that firms face when an important partner retires. By keeping close track of the workload of every attorney in the firm, they also minimize situations where such responsibilities are misrepresented on paper, leaving a blank hole in the assignments once they are gone from the firm. It also helps prevent situations where a firm's operations come to an abrupt halt just because a partner has retired, assisting in the delegation and shift of focus in the environment instead.

The software's utility is not limited to tracking responsibilities and helping delegate them after a partner's retirement. In today's world where litigations are either managed by an individual lawyer or a law firm, Case Management software presents an innovative solution. By allowing several parties to work in harmony with no breakdowns under one central database, with email integrations and other functions included, this software promises a much-needed breakthrough in a field that has remained without innovation for the longest time.

"While individual lawyers can handle such information themselves, any law firm with more than three lawyers on board would certainly reap the benefits of using proper case management software," states Lally. He explains that their software can facilitate teamwork within a firm while increasing security and efficiency at the same time.

CoCounselor is the only cloud-based practice management solution designed with Personal Injury Firms in mind. Their on-premise solutions are software applications installed on each client's server. The data is stored locally, and the client has full control over it, offering additional customizable options according to their own requirements. The company’s hosted solutions, however, are web-based applications available via internet connection only. The cost of these is usually higher than their on-premise solutions, offering fewer customization options as well. For further inquiries about the topic of benefits and disadvantages, the company invites interested parties to visit their website.

Interested parties may reach out to Mark Lally to follow up on any inquiries as well. Additionally, they may connect with CoCounselor through their official social media pages.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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CoCounselor is the only cloud-based practice management solution designed with the Personal Injury Firm in mind.

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