Riverside Tree Service Expands Tree Service In Riverside CA

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Riverside Tree Service, a tree service provider, has announced that they have expanded their services in Riverside, CA. The company now provides arborist tree services that include tree removal, tree trimming, and pruning, emergency tree service, lot clearing, brush removal, storm clean up, and stump grinding. Those who need more information about trees and tree services can visit the company website or their Google Maps page at

Company spokesperson, Linda Blanco stated, "We know that trees are beneficial to the environment. They help clean the air and offer protective shades to reduce the heat during those hot summer months. Trees also help control soil erosion, thus, preventing floods during the rainy days. However, there are unavoidable instances where you need tree services to have the trees around your Riverside, CA, home removed."

Riverside Tree Service

One instance where a tree has to be removed is when trees die or their limbs have rotted and become weak. This could be dangerous to people who live in the property or nearby because of the possibility that the weakened tree limb could fall or the whole tree itself could come falling down on a person or the home itself. This could result in damage to property or injuries to people. When there is such a situation, experienced arborists from Riverside Tree Service are ready to go to the site and remove the tree and the hazards that come with it.

People who are do-it-yourself enthusiasts may think of removing the tree themselves. However, Riverside Tree Service warns that this could be dangerous. Tree cutting has been observed to be one of the most hazardous occupations, with thousands of accidents, with many resulting in death, happening each year when unqualified people try to remove a tree from their property. What could happen is that the tree could fall the wrong way and fall on the home or even a person.

Linda explains that a qualified arborist has in-depth knowledge and experience regarding individual trees and effectively removing them. They are well-trained when it comes to safely removing a tree, and their expertise in cutting down trees is essential in this. The company encourages homeowners and business owners to get a qualified arborist's services if they want to remove or prune a tree in their property.

Ms. Blanco further stated, "Tree trimming is not as expensive as you may think. You may feel that it would be a lot easier and more cost-effective if you take care of the tree and prune it down yourself. That is not a route you want to take, since do it yourself tree removal is one of the most hazardous and dangerous tasks for property owners."

Riverside Tree Service offers some guidelines on what people should take into consideration before the cutting of trees. First, they need to check how healthy the tree is. Trees that have been damaged by 50 percent or more will need to be removed. Second, they need to check if the trunk is damaged. If the damaged part is less than 25 percent of the trunk's circumference, the tree may be able to heal that wound. However, if one-third of the tree is already rotten, then it has to be removed. Third, they need to check if the dead branches are on one side of the tree only. This is because all the dead branches are on one side may indicate a damaged root or trunk on that particular side. A professional arborist will be needed to evaluate the case.

The fourth consideration is the history of the tree. This is because pruning a tree may have adverse effects later on. Also, there might have been a change in the soil level over the tree's root system. Riverside Tree Service warns that when three inches or more of soil has been piled up over the roots of a tree, it will likely die. Fifth, people need to check if sprouts are emanating from the base of the tree. This is usually a response to severe stress, which means that there could be something wrong with the tree. Expert arborists will likewise be needed for such a situation.

Riverside Tree Service also wants people to know that arborists can also act as advisers for homeowners and business owners who are planning to plant a specific type of tree on their property. They can advise where to plant the tree, the kind of root growth that could be expected, and how to have the root system adequately aerated. They can also offer advice on what types of trees are suitable for a particular location.

Interested parties can obtain further information about the company at

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