The Painting Pros: What Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Contractor

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The Painting Pros, based in Los Gatos, CA, is advising their community about the mistakes they should avoid when hiring a professional painting contractor. The company has been in business since 1978, serving homeowners, business owners and property managers in Silicon Valley since their inception.

With time, one’s homes and businesses need to be refreshed and updated. Whatever the issue, one of the least costly ways to update one’s home is to apply a new coat of paint. Walls get scuffed and stained, or one simply might wish to change the color. Whether it is the exterior or interior surface in question, a fresh coat of paint can instantly transform the appearance of one’s home or commercial property.

The painting company offers 9 suggestions for avoiding mistakes when hiring a paint contractor. It is worth noting that a painting contractor is an efficient and reliable way to get a high-quality finish that has a long-lasting look.

A professional tip is to choose a painting contractor carefully. It may be difficult to spare time to research, but due diligence may prevent one from making costly mistakes when hiring a painting contractor. The first of the mistakes to avoid is overlooking insurance. If the contractor does not have insurance, one will be held liable for any mishaps. Professional painters who have insurance can cover repairs, replacement and compensation for any damages to a client’s property during the project.

The second mistake is hiring an inexperienced painter. While it is true that every new business deserves a chance, it is often better to make sure the painter has plenty of experience. It is worth looking into if a painter with a newly formed business has had prior experience before joining that company as well. One should also avoid the temptation to hire the cheapest contractor. While one does not need to hire the most expensive painter, it may be best to avoid unrealistically low prices as these businesses typically use inferior products and techniques. In other words, clients tend to get what they pay for.

One must always have good communication with a contractor. Instant replies are not necessary, but they should respond to inquiries within 24 hours. A professional contractor should also communicate the details of their process and the steps that will be taken to paint a property. A start date, estimated time of completion and the type of paint being used should be in the contract — and communicated directly to a client as well.

A common error is not researching ratings and reviews. One must always ensure that painting contractors are accredited and in good standing with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is helpful to have a third party check out a painting contractor to help with any disputes. Most professionals are also members of the Painting Contractors Association, where they receive training and updates on painting techniques.

One should always check references and follow up. Take some time to ask about their work and professionalism. It is helpful to speak to their last few clients as well. According to the painting company, some questions to include are whether they would work with the contractor again (and why not, if they indicate negatively), how long the job took, whether they exceeded their budget in any way and so on.

One must never hire a contractor without getting a written contract: “A painting contract provides an itemized list of expectations and specifics of a painting job. Before you hire a painting contractor, get it in writing. The contract should include all of the particular aspects of the painting job as well as the expectations and responsibilities of both the painter and the customer.” The post on the website includes a list of what must be included in a contract as well.

Another tip is that one should be wary of contractors who demand that the client should be making full payment before job completion. The final tip is that, as a client, one should demand cleaning up as part of the project. Any professional painter will clean up after their work is complete, and they should properly dispose of supplies and any hazardous waste. This leaves a clean home free of debris.

To find out more, one may visit the company website. One may also email the company or get in touch with Cleve Dayton of The Painting Pros to follow up on any further inquiries.

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