New DIYwVCAP Blog Post: How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain

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Video Chat a Pro, an online livestream DIY platform, has announced a new blog post in its How to Do It Yourself with Video Chat a Pro resource section. The blog post is in the DIY Plumbing Repair category and covers a wide range of topics centered around unclogging bathtub drains. The article is titled How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain and is now live on the Video Chat a Pro website. DIYwVCAP: How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain can be viewed by clicking here.

Video Chat a Pro is a website that allows homeowners, renters and Do It Yourselfers to have livestream video chats with skilled tradesmen and local businesses. For those interested in receiving precise estimates for at-home repairs, without the costs of an in-home visitation, or the risks of having a stranger in your home, Video Chat a Pro allows local businesses to give exact estimates via livestream. They can diagnose the problem from your smartphone, schedule an appointment and come fully prepared when they arrive.

For Do It Yourselfers, Video Chat a Pro connects users with skilled tradesmen in the palm of their hand. Through a livestream video chat, licensed professionals can help Do It Yourselfers with any at-home projects with precise advice specific to their situation and the tools available. Whether it’s a person’s first time attempting a repair, or a particularly complex project, having a tradesmen’s years of training and guidance at a person’s disposal can be an invaluable resource.

“There’s so much content floating around on the internet, but when it comes to at-home repairs and DIY projects, there’s so many times it’s not specific enough to get the job done. I wanted to create a way for people to get the advice they need from licensed professionals in real-time through their smartphones. The livestream DIY feature on does exactly that without having to install anything or download any apps,” Jason Bauder, the founder of Video Chat a Pro, said.

Video Chat a Pro has also recently created a new resource section to help Do It Yourselfers and anyone attempting at-home repairs, called How to Do It Yourself with Video Chat a Pro, or DIYwVCAP for short. This will be a consistently updated resource section with How Tos on a variety of subjects ranging from auto, electrical, and appliance repair to irrigation installation, HVAC maintenance and plumbing repair. The livestream DIY video chat feature with licensed tradesmen and the precise livestream video chat estimates from local businesses also cover the same range of repairs, maintenance and installations.

For those interested in learning more about the various features of Video Chat a Pro, their website can be found at and their previous press release can be viewed here. The livestream video chat feature can be used by simply choosing the preferred option on the home page, either DIY or local business, and selecting the appropriate category.

Local service businesses or licensed tradesmen interested in incorporating Video Chat a Pro’s livestream video chat services can learn more by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ section of the website. Local mechanic, plumber, landscaping, electrical repair, appliance repair, HVAC repair and auto repair businesses can claim free business listings and learn more about how to incorporate the video chat feature into their business model. Licensed tradesmen can apply to make an income working remotely by assisting with livestream DIY video chat sessions. For any questions or comments, the team at Video Chat a Pro can be reached by phone at (512) 962-8780 or via email at

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About Video Chat a Pro :

Video Chat a Pro is a business directory listing for mechanics, plumbers, electricians, appliance repair technicians, HVAC specialists and more. It allows them to communicate with customers in real-time via live video chats through the platform.

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3500 Lohman Ford Rd, Lago Vista, TX 78654

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