Cancer Journeys Foundation Announces the Locations for the 2020 #Stress Buster KOM Cycling Competition

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Cancer Journeys Foundation, an organization based in Manhattan Beach, CA, with the mission of helping cancer survivors, has announced the locations for the 2020 #StressBuster King and Queen of the Mountain (KOM) Bicycling Competition. This cycling competition was established by the organization to combat the stress that has been heightened by the COVID-19 social restrictions. The competition is based on the King of the Mountain champion jerseys awarded during European grand tour bicycling competitions. There will be seven locations: Golden, Colorado; Leesburg, Virginia; Los Angeles; Beverly Hills, California; Delta, Alabama; Dammeron Valley, Utah; and Richmond, England.

The KOM Cycling Competition will run from 1 August to 31 December, 2020. Cyclists ride one of the competition segments individually to comply with social distancing requirements. The top male and female riders on each KOM segment in each USA Cycling age group will be awarded a custom King or Queen of the Mountain red polka dot jersey. Anyone can register to participate at

Robert Hess, Cancer Journeys Foundation CEO, says, “This program has two goals: to provide cyclists a fun competitive event to help them deal with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic and to raise awareness of the importance of cancer testing. I’m a 15-year cancer survivor myself, so I understand the critical importance of staying healthy. Exercise is a great stress reliever and our 2020 #StressBuster KOM Challenge offers a great reason to get out and exercise.”

The 2020 bicycling competition includes seven courses, six in the US and one in the United Kingdom. Participating in the competition has been made easy. Competitors can simply register and then log their rides using the platform. They can see how well they are doing compared to other riders in their age group. They also can join the Foundation’s club.

Meanwhile, cancer survivors are encouraged to explore the various elements of the Cancer Journeys Foundation website for information that may help support their cancer journey. People may also want to share their own thoughts and any other resources that they have discovered that can be helpful to fellow cancer survivors.

It should be noted that exercise can be an essential physical and emotional factor in preventing cancer or its return. Thus, aside from the cycling competition (people can sign up through, the organization is also developing a nationwide walking program that starting in their headquarters in Manhattan Beach and they are searching for cancer survivor ambassadors who will lead the walks in various communities across the United States. Unfortunately, they have cancelled all of those events due to the Covid-19 pandemic social distancing guidelines. They will be resuming the said programs when the CDC guidelines indicate that it is safe once again.

Robert Hess points out that the best thing cancer survivors can do is to keep their immune systems healthy and bicycling is a great way to do that. Cancer cells cannot thrive in bodies with strong immune systems. The 2020 KOM Bicycling Competition will be the 8th edition of the cycling awards the organization has been holding annually at Jeremiah Bishop's Alpine Loop Gran Fondo in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Every September, they sponsor the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo with Jeremiah and Erin Bishop and more than 500 cyclists test themselves against some of most challenging hills of West Virginia, including Virginia's legendary Reddish Knob, which is basically similar to one of the three routes to the top of the iconic Mount Ventoux in France.

Robert Hess says, “We love awarding these jerseys because the winners demonstrate the #NeverGiveUp! spirit that cancer survivors need to have on their cancer journeys. The Alpine Loop Gran Fondo also is one of our best fundraising programs and generates several thousand dollars each year to support cancer survivors.”

Those who are interested in learning more about the Cancer Journeys Foundation may want to check out their website at, or contact them on the telephone, or via email.

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About Cancer Journeys Foundation :

The Cancer Journeys Foundation provides support to the 14 million cancer survivors in the United States and their families and care givers as they move through their individual cancer journeys.

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