The Painting Pros Shed Light On Commercial Painting Costs

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Los Gatos, California based The Painting Pros recently published a new blog post entitled “Factors That Affect The Cost Of Commercial Painting.” The Painting Pros provide precise, beautiful, and long lasting paint jobs for the homes and businesses of the residents of Los Gatos and the surrounding communities, and their advice regarding the industry is generally considered invaluable by their customers.

Cleve Dayton of The Painting Pros says, “As a business owner, you know that having a fresh coat of paint keeps your commercial property looking great and gives customers a good first impression of your business. Additionally, it will also make your staff more productive and motivated, so it’s important to ensure that you maintain a clean, fresh coat of paint. When you are about to paint your business, you’ll also want to make sure you hire a professional painting company. However, it’s important to know the factors that affect commercial painting so that you know that you are hiring a provider that can deliver on their promises.”

In the blog post, the company explains that, while estimates will usually be quite accurate, it is likely that they may need modifications as the project progresses. The blog post then explains that there are four key factors that play a part in estimating costs of commercial painting. These factors include the condition of the building, square footage to be painted, materials involved and the labor costs.

Regarding the condition of the building, The Painting Pros write in the blog post that, “There are physical elements in commercial buildings that can cause significant fluctuation in the price of repainting it. Different types of buildings can be a challenge due to their height and structure. Specific tools and skills may be needed to paint those buildings. Costs can increase if major prep or repair work is required. Minor cracks and nail holes are included in standard prep work and price, but large cracks, holes or warped drywall will cost more. Textured walls can also cost more to paint because it will require more paint to cover them.”

The square footage of the property will also have an impact. The Painting Pros explain that the measurements of the walls, windows, and doors in the space to be painted will be calculated, and, obviously, the higher the square footage, the more the cost will be. Other items that can complicate a painting project, such as trim, safety tasks or outdoor obstructions will also contribute to the cost of the project.

The blog post further explains that, to calculate the cost of a commercial paint project, one must include the costs of tools and materials to complete the job. These include but are not limited to items such as rollers, brushes, paint trays and, most importantly, paint. The additional costs for power-washer rental, fuel and insurance (which are required to get a surface ready for a painting) will also be included.

Finally, the labor costs are factored in. The blog post reads, “Labor costs are an important factor affecting the cost of the job. It's essential to establish how many hours a painter will need to complete the job, from prep work to clean up. Labor costs are generally charged on an hourly basis. The tools a painter uses, such as a sprayer versus a roller, can determine the speed of the job. On average, a professional painter covers approximately 150 to 200 square feet an hour.”

The blog post continues, “Depending on the condition of the building, the prep work may take several hours to complete. Preparing a room to be painted may take as long as painting it. Surface preparation, covering woodwork, floor surfaces, outlets and protecting property is just as important as the painting itself. Good prep work is essential to a quality finish. This beginning step must be done thoroughly and accurately. It may involve washing, caulking, scraping, treating problem areas and priming. Cleaning up after a paint project is also part of the process that should be considered. If the commercial paint project is a large one where there are multiple buildings to be painted, you must factor in the cost of additional employees to help complete the painting project. The hourly pay for additional labor will increase the overall costs of the project.” The full blog post contains further details about all four of these factors and more.

Those who want to learn more about The Painting Pros and their services are welcome to visit the company's website. Interested parties may contact The Painting Pros directly via email or phone, and the company can also be reached through the contact form on their website. The Painting Pros maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their customers.

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