Toronto Attorney Offers Expert Representation For DUI Cases

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Toronto, Ontario based law firm Toronto DUI Lawyer is pleased to offer their professional services to those who are accused of driving under the influence (DUI). The firm always seeks to build a strong defence for each of their clients in order to minimize or even eliminate their charges.

A representative from Toronto DUI Lawyer, says, “The DUI laws in Toronto are very clear, and there are two main instances where they are violated. The first one is when alcohol or drug renders a person unable to operate a motor vehicle properly and the second instance is when someone has consumed so much alcohol that their blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeds 80 milligrams.”

The firm’s representative explains that DUIs are credited as the largest single offense in Ontario. In fact, DUI cases are more likely to be sent to trial compared to any other criminal offense in the area. This is why Extreme DUI Toronto cases are said to make up a large part of the criminal cases on trial in the courts in Greater Toronto and other areas of Ontario. These DUI charges include, but are not limited to, driving under the influence of intoxicating substances, over 80mg DUI, and care and control charges. By getting a DUI charge, the accused could incur a significant amount of jail time, driver's license suspension and payment of fines, among other consequences.

The law is quite strict when it comes to DUI offenses in Ontario because an accused party can still easily be convicted of a DUI even if they were not driving the motor vehicle in question. The firm’s representative states that as long as a person is able to set a vehicle in motion, whether the engine of the vehicle is running or not, that is enough evidence to be convicted of a DUI. The reasoning for this is because the accused is presumed to have the ability to be in care and control of the vehicle even when stationary. More information can be found here: Drunk Driving Lawyer Toronto.

To put it simply, DUI violations are considered criminal offenses and are strictly dealt with, especially in Ontario. If someone has been charged with a DUI offense, it is very likely that the offense will lead to a court ruling. In addition, if a person has been arrested for a DUI violation and they wish to seek probation for DUI, then it is crucial for them to first understand the different types of sentencing that they can encounter. Hiring an experienced DUI lawyer can make or break a case so it is imperative that they hire an attorney who specializes in handling such cases.

For these reasons, it is very important to find a good DUI lawyer, such as the ones at Toronto DUI Lawyer, who can convince the court that the accused had no intention or capability to set the vehicle in motion. The firm’s representative explains that, despite DUIs being the most heavily litigated criminal cases in Greater Toronto, the proof for impaired driving and the probable later conviction is heavily reliant on the observation of several eyewitnesses and the investigating officer.

While the criminal code is very clear regarding offenses and their corresponding punishments, the firm employs experienced attorneys who are more than capable of building and executing strong defenses. Generally speaking, the firm’s defense is mostly based on inconsistencies found with the evidence as well as cross-examination of prosecution witnesses. Toronto DUI Lawyer asserts that they will be able to identify ways to avoid the DUI charge. In fact, their team of investigators makes it a point to visit the site of an incident to get a first-hand report of what really happened, helping in the preparation and presentation of a good defense.

With their in-depth understanding of drunk driving laws and the DUI industry, Toronto DUI Lawyer provides hands-on advice that their clients can understand. They never give up on any of their cases as they aim to lead each niche of law they work in. Those interested in learning more about the Toronto DUI Lawyer and attorneys who specialize in cases of driving under the influence in Toronto may find more information on their website. Alternatively, clients may connect with the Toronto DUI Lawyer via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.

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