Toronto Commercial Real Estate Firm Addresses The Pandemic

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Woodbridge, ON based RLP Maximum is reaching out to their community to share their perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic and ways in which it has affected the Toronto real estate industry. In particular, the firm wants their peers and clients to examine how the local market has changed in recent months in order to discover how they can survive until the pandemic comes to an end and normal activities can resume.

“We have all no doubt kept our news feeds glued to COVID-19 updates and simultaneously watched how it has affected the market,” says RLP Maximum. “However, while it can be tempting to look at the situation quite cynically, we must remember that the depreciating numbers of sales and new property listings are a sign that the community as a whole is taking the ongoing crisis extremely seriously. Make no mistake, we’re in this for the long haul, but things will only get worse if we are careless—the industry will take even longer to recover if we are unable to halt its spread and are consequently forced to keep up quarantine procedures.”

As such, the firm argues that the low numbers observed across the region should be taken as a positive sign that most people are doing their part to curb the outbreak. The situation may be far from ideal at the moment but there are signs that Toronto is on its way to dealing with the outbreak effectively enough for the industry to recover in a relatively short period.

However, this does not mean that any member of the real estate community will find it easy to do nothing as they wait for the outbreak to end. In fact, RLP Maximum holds the opinion that there is still room for an intelligent real estate agent to take advantage of the options they have at hand.

“As an example, recent reports have shown us that several couples are deciding to purchase homes after months in isolation,” says RLP Maximum, “and both buyers and sellers will need effective help during this time. We may be obliged to maintain safe social distancing and work remotely as much as we can but this does not mean such challenges are impossible for us to overcome.”

The firm adds, “Toronto home prices hit an all-time high recently, and families across the city are going to need the right expertise to help them make the right decisions. This sort of help is more crucial to them now than ever before, and it is, therefore, more valued. If we continue to approach this situation as we would any other obstacle—professionally—there is no reason we can’t all benefit.”

RLP Maximum further advises their community to remember that being able to work is by no means an indication that the crisis has passed (or even that it cannot get worse from this point on). Given COVID-19’s ability to spread on an exponential scale once it gains a foothold, the veteran real estate firm strongly urges everyone to avoid taking shortcuts as they work on behalf of their clients. All guidelines and warnings issued by authorities should be heeded, they say, especially since Ontario recently saw a slight increase in the number of new cases.

RLP Maximum is widely regarded as a leading expert in the field, and they believe their response to the crisis can be used as an example of how existing infrastructure and services can be repositioned to offer clients a greater array of options. For instance, the firm took a number of measures to ensure that their website would be able to withstand an increased volume of visitors. Similarly, while open house events may not be as popular (or as tenable) as they once were, the firm still allows their customers to undertake virtual tours of properties that are available for sale.

More information can be found on RLP Maximum’s website. They also encourage clients to get in touch regarding residential and commercial real estate for sale. RLP Maximum can be reached directly through their agents as well as their social media platforms.

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