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Duluth Car Accident Chiropractor Helps Parents Talk To Kids About Safe Driving

June 22, 2020
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Duluth, Georgia -

Duluth, GA based Arrowhead Clinic is taking steps to help parents in their community and beyond figure out how to have a clear and effective discussion about safe driving with their children. Sharing their thoughts via a blog post the clinic recently published on their website, which is freely accessible for all those interested, Arrowhead Clinic seeks to do what they can to make tomorrow’s roads safer for all.

“Our patients come to see us when they need a car accident injury chiropractor,” states Arrowhead Clinic, “but a common factor we see in every incident is that there was very little need for the accident in question to have occurred at all in the first place. Sometimes, there was nothing our patient could have done to avoid the situation, and their pain could have been avoided altogether if the other party had been more careful behind the wheel. On the other hand, our patients may have had the ability to avoid or even mitigate the damage caused by the accident that was only obvious in hindsight. In any case, it is our sincere hope that understanding the risks of unsafe driving and being taught how to be more responsible on the road from a young age will help our children be more careful when they get their licenses—in turn making our roads safer for all.”

One of the most common factors that contributes to the likelihood of an accident occurring is distracted driving. Car accidents are among the leading causes of death among young drivers, and the clinic observes that this is likely due to the fact that they have many more opportunities to take their eyes and/or attention off the road than ever before. As the blog post points out, “Texting and reading emails on our cell phones while driving, along with many other distractions, can lead to tragic consequences.” This effectively means that, much as it is a parent’s duty to prepare their children for future responsibility as an adult, they should have an open and frank discussion that gives the latter more insight into the possible consequences of their actions before they get behind the wheel.

The need for such discussions is so staggering that evidence for how crucial it is can be gleaned from Arrowhead Clinic’s Google reviews as well. A 5-Star review from Americo Rivas shares that, “I was involved in an accident where a drunk driver hit my car. We were sent to Arrowhead Clinic in Duluth by our attorney. Let me tell you this, I was in an accident before where someone rear ended me and I went to a chiropractor. Now, I received great service from that chiropractor, but Arrowhead Clinic is the next level. They have been so courteous, friendly, professional and helpful. They have taken care of me and my guests involved in the accident. Top notch. 10/10.”

Drinking and driving is already a huge social taboo, but relatively fewer are aware that being distracted is often enough to dramatically increase the likelihood of an accident. In addition to warning their children against texting or otherwise using their phones while driving, the blog emphasizes that phones alone need not cause distractions in the car. Other passengers, for instance, may attempt to engage a driver in conversation that pulls their attention from the road, so parents should warn their children that certain rules must apply when inside a vehicle. Excessively loud or spirited conversations, for example, must be banned altogether during a drive as they can prove impossible to ignore. Even a sudden shout that draws a young driver’s eye for a moment can turn out to have disastrous consequences, especially if the vehicle is traveling at some speed.

Arrowhead Clinic’s blog post goes into further detail on the subject, touching on cell phone use, interference caused by radios, the possible consequences of being distracted (in more granular detail), and so on. All are welcome to visit the blog in order to gain an idea of what they should discuss with their children prior to them getting their license.

On the other hand, those who are involved in an accident today and would like to undergo cutting edge procedures to manage and eliminate their pain are advised to see a Duluth chiropractor for car accident injuries. Arrowhead Clinic’s doors are always open, and they welcome any and all inquiries from potential patients who wish to learn more or set up their next appointment.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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