Athens Personal Injury Lawyers Build Community Awareness

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GA based The Brown Firm Athens is taking steps to raise awareness among their community of the various types of personal injury cases that they may be involved in. Given that The Brown Firm is able to take on virtually all of these case types to win settlements on behalf of their clients, the firm hopes that this information will help their community understand when they should reach out for professional legal aid.

Dr. Harry Brown of The Brown Firm is, notably, one of the few practicing attorneys who is also a medical practitioner. Given that the medical field is often intrinsically tied with personal injury cases, this dual specialization gives Dr. Harry Brown a great deal of insight that in turn helps him successfully help his clients. As such, he recognizes that insight is often what it takes to see justice served.

“If you do not know your rights or what legal options you have, it is more likely that your case will not be dealt with as fairly as it should,” cautions the Athens personal injury lawyer. “In many situations, we have found that victims of accidents and other damaging events tend not to know that they can pursue legal action. More specifically, they may not know what kind of legal aid they should seek, and they may lose valuable time looking for this information when they should be speaking to us and gathering evidence.”

To this end, Dr. Harry Brown and The Brown Firm wish to educate their community on the various types of personal injury cases that can occur. These include car, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents, slip and fall injuries, work injuries, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. Should a member of the community find themselves or a loved one a victim of such circumstances, they are advised to seek professional legal aid as soon as possible. This will ensure that they have the best chances of pursuing a fair and satisfactory settlement for any injuries or distress they have suffered. Fortunately, they may obtain this aid at The Brown Firm since their attorneys are adept in each of these areas of practice.

Many people tend to be familiar with medical malpractice lawsuits thanks to this aspect of legal recourse being featured prominently in television and other media. However, this does not mean that a victim of medical malpractice will always be able to identify whether their healthcare provider has done something wrong or has been negligent in the pursuit of their duties.

The Brown Firm explains on their website that, “According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Medical Negligence is the third leading cause of death in the US—right behind heart disease and cancer.” However, patients may choose not to pursue valid medical malpractice claims due to certain concerns, including the possibility that other doctors will refuse to treat them, that it will lead to an increase in the cost of their healthcare, and so on. These fears, however, are not always valid (and may never be under any circumstances), so it is always in a patient’s best interests to seek legal counsel from a reliable attorney. In such situations, those who consult with The Brown Firm are likely to benefit greatly from the fact that Dr. Brown is familiar with the medical field. His advice can help them identify whether they have a case and how likely they are to win a settlement that will help them get the care they deserve.

On the other hand, the firm observes that slip and fall injuries may receive less attention than they legally merit. This may be due to the perception that no other parties are at fault, but this is not always true. As The Firm states, “A lot of these injuries could have been prevented had it not been for the negligent actions of someone else. It is important for you to know that, if you were hurt in a slip and fall, the liability may rest with someone else.” Property owners, for instance, can often be held liable for any damages if conditions on their property contributed to the injured party’s accident. In any case, victims are always welcome to consult with The Brown Firm to learn how they may proceed.

More information on The Brown Firm Athens and their various specialties can be found on their website. Clients are welcome to get in touch with Dr. Harry Brown as well, and social media users may connect with the firm online to stay abreast of their latest news and announcements.

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