ZEN ME Says Dry Brushing Can Help Boost the Immune System and Reduce Cellulite

May 22, 2020
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ZEN ME, a company offering natural skincare solutions, has revealed that the ancient but increasingly popular method for lymphatic drainage, dry brushing, can help boost the immune system through the stimulation of the lymphatic system. Dry brushing can also improve skin health through the removal of old and dead skin cells and it can improve cellulite through the removal of toxins and wastes embedded under the skin. Because of the elimination of old and dead skin cells, the skin is able to “breathe” better, thus, resulting in more youthful-looking and beautiful skin.

Claudia Seifert, owner of ZEN ME, says, “Dry brushing enhances skin health by removing old, dead skin cells allowing the skin to ‘breathe’ better. The skin is considered our third kidney and a very important elimination organ and, of course, a healthier skin also means a more youthful and beautiful skin.“

Reduce Cellulite and Boost Your Immune Sytem

She adds, “Improving cellulite is another benefit, which is due to stimulating the lymphatic system and helping remove toxins and wastes embedded under the skin causing the appearance of dimples and bumps called cellulite.”

It should be noted that the lymphatic system is where metabolic and cellular wastes and toxins that accumulate in the body are removed. Dry brushing can help in enhancing lymph flow, thus helping the body eliminate toxins via the kidneys. With dry brushing helping to effectively getting rid of dead skin cells along with toxins and wastes from the body through the lymphatic system, this can lead to better health that in turn results in younger-looking more radiant skin.

Dry brushing may be a bit uncomfortable to the skin at first, especially for those who have sensitive skin. However, the benefits far outweigh the discomfort and it is also possible to find a suitable brush with natural bristles that are adequately soft and feel comfortable on the skin. For instance, there is the ZEN ME Premium Dry Body Brush with Natural Bristles. It is made from natural bristles embedded in polished lotus wood that holds the bristles securely. This particular product can be used for dry brushing not just to help reduce cellulite but also to enhance the body’s immune system. More about this product can be found at amzn.to/zenme-drybrush.

Since people have different skin types, for some, dry brushing for the first time even might be a bit painful which is why it is advisable to begin dry brushing using soft pressure. More pressure can be exerted later on as the skin gets used to it. It is also a good idea to avoid sensitive areas at first and not to use overly firm bristles. Dry brushing can result in enhanced overall circulation, which can also result in better digestion, kidney function, and overall organ function And finally, dry brushing can stimulate the nervous system, particularly when brushing the hands and feet. Because of the many nerve endings found in the hands and feet, this can be energizing in the morning and can even be a helpful alternative if one tries to transition from using stimulants like coffee.

When dry brushing, it is recommended that people begin from the feet and move up the body. The focus should be made on areas of lymphatic stagnation like the thighs and buttocks where cellulite builds frequently. Brushing should not cause the skin to turn red. It is recommended to brush in an upward direction, not back and forth, approximately seven times on each area. A normal dry brushing session lasts for about three to five minutes.

Those who are interested in a body brush for dry brushing may want to visit the ZEN ME website or find them on Amazon. More information about the ZEN ME Body Brush can be found at amzn.to/zenme-drybrush.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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