Chem-Dry Stresses Importance of Professional Park City Utah Rug Cleaning

May 20, 2020
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Chem-Dry of Park City wants to stress the importance of professional rug cleaning for homes in Park City, Utah. According to an article on their site, rugs need extra care because they are usually more detailed and considered to be more valuable than carpets. It may be that a particular rug is considered to be a family treasure or heirloom that has been passed down through generations. Thus, it behooves the homeowner to ensure that such a valuable rug is treated well. A professional rug cleaning service is the best way to make sure that the appropriate tools and cleaning solutions are used to ensure that the rug is best taken care of. More about the rug cleaning services provided by the company in Park City can be gleaned from

Daryl Olsen of Chem-Dry of Park City says, “Some rugs can be cleaned with steam, while others need a different cleaning method implemented. That’s what is good about a service that can help you, they can easily determine the best course of action. Not only that, but they have the tools with them to change up how they clean each rug. If you were to rent a machine to clean yourself, you may not be aware that one rug or more may not be able to work with the device. You could end up destroying a nice rug if you’re not careful, so never do this yourself or hire an amateur to do so for you.”

He continues, “There are many problems that can come from cleaning a rug wrong, and if you’re not trained at it you’ll probably end up having to replace yours after a few cleanings. You just can’t risk that, especially for a rug so valuable that it is irreplaceable. When a professional does the work, they actually extend the life of the rug so it is a much better investment than doing it yourself.”

There are indeed cleaning solutions that can easily be bought by the homeowner but knowing whether a particular cleaning solution is appropriate for a particular type of rug is also essential. Without the proper knowledge, experience, equipment, and tools, it is easy to end up damaging permanently a perfectly fixable rug.

Meanwhile, cleaning the rug is vital because rugs can harbor a lot of microscopic allergens that get released into the air when people walk on the rug. Simply vacuuming the rug may not also be a good idea because the allergens may just get pushed further into the materials that make up the rug.

Naturally, Chem-Dry of Park City also offers professional carpet cleaning services. It is just as important to have the carpets regularly cleaned by professionals because, just like rugs, dust, dirt, and other debris could get trapped in the carpet fibers, and these could get released into the air that people breathe inside the home and people walk on run on the carpet.

Chem-Dry is one the top carpet and upholstery cleaning companies in the world, particularly with their signature and proprietary non-toxic cleaning solution. Their unique cleaning process makes use of the power of carbonation, which is capable of extracting more dirt and debris from the carpet by getting deep down into the fibers.

It is also important to know that rug cleaning and carpet cleaning are important because many homes are infested with dust mites. These are microscopic creatures that often leave behind allergens. The common way of dealing with dust mites is steam cleaning. However, the steam leaves the carpets or rugs wet for several days, making them susceptible to mold growth. The proprietary process used by Chem-Dry of Park City uses 80 percent less water than steam cleaning, which means that the carpets or rugs will get dry in a matter of hours, instead of days.

Homeowners and other property owners who are interested in professional rug cleaning and other services can check out the Chem-Dry of Park City website at, or contact them on the phone or through email.

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