Simply Charmed Launches New Set Of Wine Charms For Dog And Cat Lovers

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Libertyville, Illinois based Simply Charmed is reaching out to the community to announce the launch of a new set of magnetic wine charms. These new charms feature both cat and dog themes that are sure to appeal to pet lovers everywhere.

Fueled by popular demand, Simply Charmed has added a mix of cat and dog themed charms to their extensive catalogue of magnetic wine charms. This is the company’s way of answering the countless requests from pet lovers who until now had been waiting to shop dog and cat wine charms that they could add to their own charm collection.

dog cat wine glass charms

Megan Buller, a representative of Simply Charmed, says, “We realize dog and cat lovers are not always exclusive, as many households have both, so we created this adorable set for them. Many of our clients had already gotten one of our other sets as a gift for a relative, but they were waiting for a mixed set to get one for themselves. For that, we are very happy to finally launch this charm set for customers who have been eagerly waiting for it for a long time.”

Simply Charmed’s new charm set includes three cute pups and three smiling kittens, making it the company’s first mixed set of household pet charms. They made a significant effort to fit in as many familiar faces as possible into this set, making sure to include pets that everyone can relate to and love even if it is not the same breed of their own furry friend. Regardless, this is a product that any cat or dog lover can enjoy no matter what breed is their favorite, as it is an interesting way of marking their glass of wine, cup of coffee or any other beverage that they find themselves drinking during the day.

Aside from cat and dog-themed charms, Simply Charmed also sells fox, elephant, bunny and unicorn-themed charms in addition to several other options. These charms are magnetic attached, simple to use and work in every kind of glass, cup or mug regardless of whether they are made of acrylic, ceramic, plastic or any other material. These magnets are also strong enough to withstand constant movement without budging an inch from their initial position, providing ease of mind to customers who trust they will not come off and fall into the drink like certain charms from other manufacturers (where they could potentially present a choking hazard). Notably, all of these charms are handcrafted in the US, where Simply Charmed has been operating since 2009.

Simply Charmed has sold thousands of magnetic unit sets, and they enjoy a position among Amazon’s top sellers for this kind of product. They have amassed hundreds of positive reviews from customers satisfied with their purchase, marking them out as one of the best-rated providers of wine gifts and accessories. One of their most recent customer reviews, shared on their Amazon page by Mary Perkins, says, “I bought these as a gift for my mom. They are so cute and can be used on anything, not just wine glasses. My mom stores them on her refrigerator so they make adorable little refrigerator magnets, and then you can just grab one for your class when you need them.”

In another comment, L. Smart says, “These charms are adorable! I love it that you folks have dachshunds! I volunteer with the All American Dachshund Rescue (AADR) out of TN and maybe you could put together a 6-pack for me of only dachshund charms! I would gladly purchase from you so I could donate to our Christmas auction! Or if you would be so kind, you could donate! We dachshund people are passionate about our animals and if you did a charm set of all kinds of doxies, I know it would be a hit! By the way, after looking at all your selections of charms, I see others that will make their way into a Christmas stocking this year! Awesome quality!”

The company's website offers more details on Simply Charmed and their products. Interested parties can either shop dog and cat wine charms on Amazon or reach out to Megan Buller of Simply Charmed to follow up on any further inquiries. Similarly, the company can be reached through their social media platforms.

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About Simply Charmed :

Simply Charmed handcrafts magnetic wine charms and we have more wine accessories like gift bags and wine stoppers. We create Swarovski Crystal charms, as well as dogs, cats, and other themes that make great holiday and hostess gifts.

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Simply Charmed
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