GadgetSource USA Launches Plant Grow Bags

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GadgetSource USA, based in Lynden, Washington, has announced the launch of their plant grow bags, which can serve as an alternative to plant pots. These plant containers can be used for growing vegetables and other plants, allowing people to be busy with gardening while the Covid-19 crisis is forcing people to stay home. The plant grow bags made of breathable, nonwoven fabric, which offers the advantage of not being as heavy as the conventional plant pots. They are also affordable and environment-friendly, allowing people to grow plants on their balconies, patios, and any part of the home that can be reached by sunlight.

Dan LHeureux, a representative for GadgetSource USA, says, “Grow bags aren’t a new idea. In ancient times, plants were grown in woven baskets and bags. Ancient Egyptians would weave plant baskets and the Greeks used woven containers on their rooftop gardens because they could be easily moved. Many British gardeners have long grow bags as an alternative to planting directly into greenhouse soil. Today, they are still ideal for growing plants in the greenhouse, but there has been growing interest in using them as an alternative container. Grow bags are are especially helpful and affordable for growing plants on patios and balconies.”

There are various advantages of using a plant grow bag. First of all, these grow bags are lightweight compared to the usual plant pots. Moving the plant containers during the growing season would not be difficult because it is practically just the weight of the soil that the planter has to deal with. Second, this cloth planter pot for gardening is breathable and drains well. Unlike plastic pots, the fabric permits air to reach the plant roots so that the soil doesn’t get soggy. There is also less risk of overwatering the plants.

Third, the plants don’t become rootbound. When a root reaches the side of a conventional plant container where it comes in contact with more air and drier soil, it usually circles the pot and gradually strangles plant. This doesn’t happen with the fabric plant container. Instead, the root simply stops growing through the process of “air pruning,” which causes the plant to grow new roots so that it develops a strong root system with several root tips that can get water and nutrients instead of just a few long roots that tend to strangle the plant. And finally, the soil in fabric pots is cooler during the summer. And when the weather becomes cooler, the fabric is more insulating than plastic so that the soil remains a bit warmer.

It has been observed that the plant grow bags are best for vegetables that don’t have deep roots. These include tomatoes, chili peppers, sweet peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, potatoes, eggplants, basil and some herbs, and salad greens like lettuce, rocket, and endive.

Dan LHeureux, however, warns that it is important to ensure that the plant grow bags are of high quality and not some plastic bag like the ones used as trash bags. While these plastic bags are cheap, they don’t provide the same benefits as a grow bag made of fabric. Plastic bags retain water and heat, which can have negative effects on the soil. The material of the grow bag should be breathable while being sturdy, like nonwoven fabrics. And unlike most plastic bags, fabrcis are BPA free and food safe.

The plant grow bag from GadgetSource USA has the additional benefit of having a visualization window. Through this window, the planter can check whether the plant is mature and it is also possible to harvest plants through the window without the need to dig into the soil. The grow bag is also ensured to be strong because it has a double-layer design but allows the soil to breathe.

Those who are looking for an alternative plant container to do some gardening at home may want to check out the GadgetSource USA website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 5:00 am to 12:00 am, from Monday to Sunday.

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