All Systems Go Marketing Shares Information On The Latest Trends In Facebook Advertising

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La Mesa, California based All Systems Go Marketing is reaching out to the community to share information on the latest Facebook advertising trends. An expert in the field of online marketing, the company’s insight offers their community an excellent perspective on the subject.

Despite having fallen afoul of a good portion of its users, Facebook still remains as one of the best platforms to concentrate one's digital marketing efforts. Today, the platform has become an essential part of any marketing strategy as well as the one that has proven to be the most effective in terms of attracting new potential customers. This does not mean, however, that digital marketing on a platform like Facebook is either an easy task or an inexpensive one. Companies have to invest a significant amount of time and effort to see quantifiable results, and even then there are no guarantees that they will achieve their desired goals.

Craig Wright, a representative of All Systems Go Marketing, says, “The advertising costs on a platform like Facebook have steadily increased over the past few years, reaching a point where current rates are at the most expensive they have ever been. This does not mean, however, that the time and financial investment is not worth it. However, you definitely want to rely on experts to develop and carry out your marketing strategies rather than trying to put them together and execute them yourself.”

Wright states that, as good as Facebook is as a platform to reach new customers, companies have to rely too heavily on paid and boosted advertising to see any kind of appreciable success. Achieving organic growth on this platform has become virtually impossible over the past few years, with the most well-established businesses drawing in most of the customers, leaving small and mid-sized businesses struggling to increase their visibility.

“Trying to build an advertisement campaign on Facebook without a clear understanding of the platform and its users is just a waste of money,” says Wright. Even with an advertising plan in place, businesses can struggle to see the benefits of their effort unless they understand how to connect effectively with their customers through this platform, and most importantly, the strategies that work best on it.

A good example of this is the Augmented Reality ad campaign. Facebook has put a lot of effort into building a good AR experience that allows users to have ‘experiences’ while viewing ads. With AR being the hottest new concept on the platform, it is only natural for this kind of ad to do the best. As such, building a campaign around this idea may be a sensible course of action.

Another marketing strategy that always seems to come out ahead of the others on Facebook is the mobile advertisement campaign. According to Facebook, a bulk of its ad revenue comes from mobile advertising, and as a result, they put a lot more effort into mobile ads than they do with any other area of marketing. Unlike desktop ads, mobile ads only contain a URL and headline (without a description of the product), which means that these campaigns must be thoroughly and cleverly thought-out to attract the user's attention with minimal information.

“Mobile advertising is far more complicated than just taking your desktop ad and converting it to a smaller format," says Wright. “You must think of the aspects that make your product special and condense this information into something that works in this information-restricted format. If this doesn't sound like something you want to do, then you may want to look into story-featured ads, as these seem to be the new up-and-coming thing on this platform.”

According to Wright, ever since the rise of Facebook's Story feature, it seems like the platform will soon shift their focus to this aspect of their online experience. This may be for good reason, given that 500 million Facebook account holders use Facebook’s Stories. With this in mind, and given that these ads feel more personal, All Systems Go Marketing is not surprised that story ads are performing better than their counterparts. At this point, it will not be a shock to anyone if Facebook starts encouraging more businesses to post ads on Facebook stories.

The one detail to keep in mind when transitioning into this or any other new marketing strategy is that it is always best to rely on professionals to plan and carry out these ad campaigns. The digital marketing experts at All Systems Go Marketing state that they are well-equipped and prepared to help business owners in this endeavor. They invite business owners all across the US to reach out to them in order to begin building their advertising campaigns on Facebook.

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