The Brown Firm Cautions Against Engaging With Insurance Adjusters

March 23, 2020
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GA based The Brown Firm - Atlanta is reaching out to the members of their community to advise them of the risks of trusting or engaging with insurance adjusters. Boasting a great deal of experience representing the victims of car accidents, the firm is keen to share the insight they have gained on the subject in the hopes that more people will make the right decisions when approached by an insurance adjuster.

The firm has sought to share this information via an infographic published through the blog on their website. Titled ‘What An Insurance Adjuster Doesn’t Want You To Know,’ the post begins by warning victims of accidents against speaking with the insurance company of the other party involved. This is due to the fact these representatives can often make a bad situation worse, adding to the stress of the accident on one end of the scale and going so far as to reduce the settlement that a victim can obtain on the other.

A victim, the company explains, should likely be careful speaking with any insurance adjuster, even one that represents their own insurance provider. Insurance adjusters tend to prefer keeping the subjects of their investigation in the dark, so a victim will often have no way of knowing what their objective is. It must be assumed, therefore, that they will be doing what is in their company’s best interests. The Brown Firm clarifies that an adjuster who approaches a victim need not necessarily be looking to cause them harm. However, their job is to ensure that any claim is settled for the lowest amount possible, and they will pursue this goal even to the detriment of an accident victim who otherwise would deserve a larger settlement.

Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta fighting insurance companies

Insurance adjusters will also do their best to come across as friendly as possible, even making small talk (such as asking unrelated questions about their family and lifestyle) in an attempt to engage an accident victim more thoroughly. The Brown Firm reminds their community to be careful and identify this action for what it is: an attempt to disarm a victim’s skepticism and lull them into a false sense of security. In this state, victims are more likely to let slip details that can hurt their case, even if only taken out of context. “If they can find a way to pay you less than you intend to have or nothing at all, they’ll take it in a heartbeat,” states the firm. This is due to the fact that insurance companies are for-profit corporations and, as such, their primary goal is to generate and safeguard their profits.

In addition to this, any party involved in an accident should not believe that everything will go in their favor if the other side admits to being in the wrong. In others words, should the defendant admit that they are liable for the accident, the victim may still not be able to collect a settlement unless they can prove their damages. For instance, the financial losses incurred by the victim (known as economic damages) can include lost wages, property damage, medical bills and even out-of-pocket costs. “Defendants can attack your economic damages in many ways, especially when it comes to medical treatment,” notes The Brown Firm. “Overtreating your injuries, for instance, would get yourself out of a reasonable settlement.” It is for this reason that the firm suggests that victims not take every treatment that their health care provider suggests. Not all treatments are necessary simply because they are offered as options.

Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are much more difficult for a victim to stake a claim on. This is due to the fact that these damages are entirely subjective, leaving it up to the jury to use their own metrics to decide what settlement is appropriate.

Interested parties may browse The Brown Firm’s blog to read the infographic in full, which conveniently features a text version at the end for those who wish to make notes. There, they will find more information that describes how they should collect evidence, use their health insurance and more. Accident victims may also reach out to Harry Brown of The Brown Firm to follow up on any further inquiries regarding their own cases. More information on the firm’s service can be found at their website as well at the following link: Car Accident Lawyer Atlanta.

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