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March 05, 2020
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Facebook Twitter Google Digg Reddit LinkedIn Email is announcing the new RoshiWave mind machine for self meditation use. The RoshiWave is an electronic brain machine that stimulates the mind using an algorithmic pattern of light stimulation using specially designed RGB LED light glasses. The user wears the glasses with eyes closed and the light patterns are absorbed by the brain through the closed eyelids.

The RoshiWave uses an algorithmic process called "dynamic neuroactivation" to lead users without conscious effort to a state of meditation like that of a seasoned Zen monk with a lifetime of practice in meditation. RoshiWave disentrains the mind to help the brain achieve a normalized state of restful attentiveness and a feeling of being "in the zone". The algorithmically controlled flickering lights in the RoshiGlasses present the brain with a very complex set of phase instructions to follow allowing the brain to error correct internal phase errors in a similar manner to EEG neurofeedback without the need for human intervention.

"RoshiWave has finally arrived to fill the void left when the pROSHI neurodynamic activator was discontinued in 2013. This new pocket sized device delivers the entire history of ROSHI brain stimulation in one convenient package," says Fred Williams, product specialist at is an online distributor of brain machines, brainwave entrainment technology, AVS stimulation devices, EEG neurofeedback equipment, mind machines and meditation machines. is also the worldwide distributor of the RoshiWave self meditation device. For more information about the RoshiWave visit their website at

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