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Respected Air Conditioning Service Phoenix Says Early Spring is the Perfect Time for an AC Checkup

March 09, 2020
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Arizona Plumbing Expert Services says now is the right time to start planning an essential air conditioning spring cleaning and checkup. Those at this popular Arizona plumbing and HVAC service recommend this being done so that when the hot weather hits a person’s A/C is sure to come on and work for them. They say that for the small amount of money this service costs, it will give any homeowner peace of mind that their air conditioning system will operate at peak efficiency throughout the hotter months of the year too.

Brian Garrison, the owner of Arizona Plumbing Expert Services, says this about their spring A/C checkups, “With the abundance of hot days that are felt in the Phoenix area throughout the year, most homeowners see their air conditioning systems as an essential piece of equipment. There is nothing like coming inside a home on a hot day and feeling the cooler air surround your body or being able to sleep comfortably at night when the weather is oppressively hot outside. That’s why it’s so important for every Phoenix homeowner to make sure their A/C system is ready to go when they need it. The best way to do that is by letting us do a spring air conditioning inspection and tune-up for you.”

Garrison says that it’s recommended that A/C checkups be done in the spring for two main reasons. The first he says is because most Phoenix area air conditioning systems have had little or no use over the short but cool winter period in the area. This extended downtime often leads to some problems when the A/C system is first started back up. He says it’s better to catch those problems in the early spring when a customer can get by without their AC for a few days than when the extremely hot weather arrives. The company owner says the other big reason that spring A/C checkups are necessary is to make sure an air condition system is cleaned and ready to go so it can better handle the rigors that are demanded of it during the constant use of early spring and summer months. As a bonus, Garrison says that many times when they are doing a spring air conditioning checkup, they will catch and correct small problems before they become bigger and more expensive ones later on.

The owner of this respected Arizona HVAC service says that another good reason for a homeowner to get a spring A/C checkup is if they feel that their air conditioning system may be on its last legs. He says signs of this are electrical bills that are getting substantially higher with similar air conditioning use as previous seasons and the system only blowing out moderately cool air when the thermostat is cranked all the way down. It can also be a case where the outside compressor and condensing unit are showing signs of excessive corrosion. The company owner says that whatever the case may be, their skilled HVAC techs are designed to catch these air conditioning system warning signs during the inspection and testing portion of their spring AC checkup service. If it’s determined that the customer’s A/C system needs to be replaced, the technician will show the homeowner why they feel that step is necessary and also make sure the current A/C system is an efficient size for that home. If not, Garrison says APES will recommend installing a proper sized A/C unit that will cool that customer’s home more efficiently so they can save money on their energy bills. He added that his company supplies and expertly installs several different types of quality HVAC air conditioning units. Once a customer has decided that installing a new air conditioning system is right for them, the techs at APES can then easily get that unit installed for that customer before the hotter Arizona weather strikes.

For those that want to schedule a spring A/C checkup or find themselves in need of an air conditioning repair in Phoenix, Garrison says they are always available by phone, email or a customer can fill out the quick callback form found on their website.

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