DUI Lawyer In Toronto Announces New Features In Firm's Website

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A Toronto DUI attorney has announced the addition of new features to their official firm's website. He points out that the website has recently been provided with a news feature where Ontarians can read through various news articles and learn more in general about DUI in Ontario, the statistics and other information that could be pertinent in a DUI case.

A representative for the Toronto law firm says, "We strive to provide the most experienced Toronto DUI defence services possible, and part of that is keeping our clients or our future clients informed. Our news feature is just another step that we have taken to further educate those in our area about DUI, the charges, the consequences and the accused's right to legal representation."

The firm states that the number of convictions for the various types of DUI charges in Toronto has grown recently. They state that because of this, they felt that it was necessary to provide further education for those living in or visiting Toronto who may be at risk for a DUI conviction. An attorney for the firm states that the first step for a person who got arrested for driving under the influence is to contact an experienced and qualified attorney immediately.

"Not doing so could simply mean the end of your freedom," says the Toronto attorney. "You want to begin working on your case right away, without any delay. Waiting is one of the main reasons that we have seen an increase in the number of convictions over the past few years. People need to know that getting started on your case immediately is the best chance that you have of being cleared from those charges."

The DUI lawyer Toronto residents can go to says that DUI cases are more likely to be sent to trial than any other criminal offence. He states that this is because DUI cases are the most contested cases and are often challenged on highly technical grounds. These challenges could be caused by any number of things such as police misconduct or faulty testing when checking blood alcohol content. The attorney states that a defence based on challenging these technical elements is crucial for helping the accused to see a positive outcome of the case.

The attorney states that a reputable and experienced lawyer is needed to help provide the best result when it comes to cases involving driving under the influence. He states that he and his firm have the knowledge and experience needed to help those who are accused of a DUI in Toronto. Furthermore, he states that his firm has shown consistent results in DUI cases, largely due to their vigorous cross examination of witnesses for the prosecution and their ability to target technical insufficiencies during the DUI trial.

Statistics show that the most common of the DUI charges in Toronto is violating the legal blood alcohol limit. Police officers are permitted by law to require breathalyzer samples from anyone who they feel is driving under the influence of alcohol. The law states that if there is reasonable ground for the officer to believe that a suspect has committed a driving offence within the past three hours, that person may also be required to take a breathalyzer test. Currently, the cutoff for legal drinking while driving is 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood. Anyone showing a blood alcohol level over this amount may be arrested and charged with a DUI, and this information may be used as evidence if that person is taken to trial.

The attorney states that what people may not know is that there are legalities involved when the breathalyzer test may be given. Before being given such a test in Ontario, police officers must observe their suspects for no less than 15 minutes in order to ensure that nothing containing alcohol is ingested during that time. The law firm states that this technicality alone has been cause for many DUI cases being dismissed.

The law firm states that anyone who has been accused of a DUI in Toronto should contact their office immediately to begin discussing information regarding their case. The firm states that those who are interested in reading and learning more about Ontario DUI laws and various cases that have been tried can now read through the various news articles that have been provided on the firm's official website. Those interested can also contact the legal firm to schedule a consultation or to seek advice about a DUI case or other cases.

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