Enfusen Accepted into JumpStart's Nationally Recognized Mentoring Program

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AKRON, OH, August 12, 2015 - Enfusen is accepted into JumpStart, a nationally recognized mentoring program for startups in the Northeast Ohio area. JumpStart is an economic development organization focused on entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio, helping companies like Enfusen grow. They accelerate the success of entrepreneurs, their high growth companies, and the ecosystems supporting them.

Roger Bryan, President of Enfusen, sat down with Bill Nemeth, the Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at JumpStart. In this JumpStart video, the two discuss trends in technology, and Enfusen’s relationship with JumpStart. The path to acceptance into the mentorship program is very selective. JumpStart mentors select the companies to be involved, submit an application, get evaluated, and the mentors vote. About 10% of the companies that apply are accepted into the program.

Enfusen accepted into JumpStart mentoring program video

Enfusen was selected based on the mentors understanding of Enfusen’s scalable business potential, great team, accessible market, unique competitive advantage, and the right amount of momentum to succeed. This proves to be true as Enfusen launches their Microsoft® Marketing Accelerator Program, which helps Microsoft® Partners implement sales and marketing automation. They have already welcomed five partners into the program, and counting.

JumpStart has a team of 85 dedicated mentors who have raised capital for, started, or sold businesses. They are experts in their areas of specialty, and their purpose is to donate their time to help companies succeed and overcome the problems that they experienced as entrepreneurs.

Bill went on to explain, “As far as Enfusen goes, there’s a fantastic future there. You have a lot going for you. We’ll try to keep you from stepping into too many holes, but you’re moving in the right direction. You’re doing the right thing. And we think you have a great future ahead of you.”

JumpStart is always looking for high-tech companies that can generate jobs, scale, and provide a unique, competitive advantage that can be leveraged for growth around the country. Learn more at

Enfusen is a cloud-based Marketing Software platform that integrates your team, technology, training, and tactics. They empower organizations with analytics that lead to smarter marketing decisions.

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We empower organizations with analytics that leads to smart marketing decisions. We work with Microsoft partners and clients to develop analytics engines to improve marketing efficiency and ROI.

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