Mr. Chem-Dry Announces Cutting Edge Technology for Carpet Cleaning in Sandy Utah

January 06, 2020
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Mr. Chem-Dry, has recently released details of its adoption of the latest 21st century technology for carpet cleaning Sandy Utah services, and how and why this technology is superior.

Mr. Chem-Dry’s cleaning process is perfect for carpets and rugs but in addition, it can also be used most effectively on any upholstery or fabric. First, and foremost, the process used is safe and secondly, it is “Green Certified,” which means that it is eco-friendly. The unit used by Mr. Chem-Dry heats the proprietary cleaning solution to a temperature of 230 degrees. The hot solution is applied to the carpet or rug using its PowerHead Machine® which, in addition, uses a patented “Amplified Extraction” system.

Mr. Chem-Dry’s method removes 98% of allergens and up to 89% of airborne bacteria. It significantly uses 80% less water when compared to other methods that still use steam cleaning meaning that drying time is also reduced. The system does not use detergents or soaps which means it is non-toxic and safe.

A Mr. Chem-Dry spokesperson said, “Our new system is really something; it literally sucks the dirt from carpets and rugs, or whatever it is being used on. We think that our cleaning services are the best there are and that no other carpet cleaner in the world can do a better job.” Whereas most people vacuum their carpets the truth is that carpets do not get the regular and effective cleaning that they really need. Dirt, for the most part, is not usually seen on a carpet and so the problem gets unknowingly worse.

Dirt and grime will, without doubt, shorten the lifespan of carpets and rugs. There will come a point where vacuuming just will not do the job anymore and the only choice left will be to have the carpet removed and replaced. Even when a traditional carpet cleaner is used in addition to vacuuming, it does not do the job effectively. It uses a lot of water, harsh chemicals, and it seemingly takes forever to dry. In addition, the tanks on home carpet cleaners are not very big and the cleaner only covers a small area at one time. If the carpets are wall-to-wall, it is a major undertaking.

It is not just dirt and grime that are an issue though. Dust is a real problem that cannot be left unaddressed. It is an allergen in its own right for many people and simply walking on a carpet can release these allergens into the air. Another issue that many people do not know about is the potential for mold because of dust. Mold spores occur naturally in the air and if they land on a damp or wet area and there is dust available for them to feed on, mold itself can appear. Pets, young children, spills, wet shoes or boots, can all provide the damp area mold spores need to thrive.

Pet stains, especially urine, are not just a problem where mold is concerned of course. Bacterial growth and smells are all issues that cannot be left unaddressed, particularly if there are young children in the household. Family and pet friendly cleaning when accidents happen are also within the purview of Mr. Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning services.

Another point to consider, is that carpets and rugs are highly visible areas to potential buyers. Carpets that have been cared for with regular cleaning will still look good even though they may be years old. Just as dirty fixtures and fittings may put a buyer off, so will dirty carpets that look dull and lifeless. Extending the life of carpets and ensuring that they look their like new best requires the services of a professional carpet cleaning service. Mr. Chem-Dry not only offers the latest and best methods but also stands by its carpet cleaning Sandy Utah services with a declaration of “Satisfaction Guaranteed.”

Based in Utah, Mr. Chem-Dry’s latest carpet cleaning methods are available in the following cities: Salt Lake, Ogden, Centerville, and Sandy, and in the following counties: Davis, Salt Lake, and Weber.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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