Why Centerville Utah Rug Cleaning Is Necessary Explained by Mr. Chem-Dry

February 11, 2020
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Home and business owners do not always realize why rugs need special consideration when it comes to cleaning. Mr. Chem-Dry wants homeowners to understand what needs to be taken into account and why, for those considering Centerville Utah rug cleaning services.

Rugs take a lot of abuse within a home as they are usually laid in a main traffic area and will often be much dirtier than people think. In effect, area rugs will act as filters for unwanted dirt, debris, bacteria and allergens. Another problem that may arise but not be known is that mold can also be thriving unseen within the fibers. Damp shoes, spills, and pet accidents can all provide the damp conditions that along with dust enable mold to grow. What people do not realize is that all of those unwanted contaminants can then be spread throughout the room, and even the house, when they walk over a rug time and time again.

Most people vacuum their rugs of course and whereas this does help simply vacuuming will not remove all the contaminants that need to be removed. Even when used in conjunction with a traditional carpet cleaner the rug will not be cleaned as effectively as it needs. In addition, traditional carpet cleaners that homeowners tend to have, use harsh chemicals which are not good for the rug.

Rugs are usually in highly visible areas within the house and they do not always obviously show the amount of dirt and other unwanted materials that they contain as the fading and dirtying is usually a gradual process and happens over time. Homeowners may not realize just how dirty a rug is, but visitors to the house may notice that a rug is dirty when the homeowners themselves do not. If the visitors are potential house buyers, then it may well be off-putting.

Rugs, even small rugs, are not cheap and failure to clean one effectively when it needs it can undoubtedly shorten its life. Regular homeowner cleaning and vacuuming will only do so much and eventually the services of a professional rug and carpet cleaning company will be needed if the rug is to be kept at its best.

Obviously, rugs come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials and may well need special treatment to clean them effectively. This can be especially true where oriental rugs are concerned as they are often made from silk.

Mr. Chem-Dry uses only the very latest in 21st century rug and carpet cleaning methods and equipment. Its rug cleaning procedure is very similar to that of carpet cleaning, but many rugs need extra tender loving care because they might suffer from more abusive and extra heavy traffic due to their location within a property.

The rugs can be cleaned in situ or be taken to Mr. Chem-Dry’s local plant where they can be given an even more through cleaning. Mr. Chem-Dry welcomes all inquiries about its services and recommends that anyone considering using its services also investigates its reputation. As the company points out: someone would not send their automobile to a garage for repairs without knowing something about the people who are fixing their car.

A spokesperson for Mr. Chem-Dray said, “People often just don’t notice how dirty a rug is getting and don’t realize that they need professional cleaning to return them to their best. We specialize in cleaning all kinds of rugs whether they are small, big, decorative, oriental; each rug will all be assessed individually and whatever the best approach to cleaning it is, we will then clean it appropriately and treat it as if it was our own property.”

In addition to specialized rug and carpet cleaning, Mr. Chem-Dry also offers upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, water damage clear-up, granite counter top restoration and more. Based in Utah, Mr. Chem-Dry’s services are available in the following counties: Davis, Salt Lake, Utah and Weber. Further information and details of how to contact Mr. Chem-Dry can be found on its website.

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