Tangu Inc in Atlanta Georgia Publishes Article On Tips for Avoiding Relapses During the Holidays

December 11, 2019
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Tangu Inc, in Atlanta Georgia has just published a new article on "how to stay sober during the holidays". The article was written as a thought piece on how to help people who are fresh out of addiction treatment and need some standard operating procedures or those that are seasoned in their recovery but the holidays can be an especially emotionally trying time. Since the holidays are just about upon everyone, and everyone is thinking that it is the season to be merry, Tangu thought it would be helpful to publish an article about the struggles of the holidays and how to cope. Read the article here, https://sites.google.com/view/tangu/how-to-stay-sober-during-holidays.

Tangu Inc, an addiction treatment center in Atlanta GA, understands that it can be a stressful season for many people—especially those who are struggling with addiction.

For someone who has just gone through a recovery program for drugs or alcohol addiction, going into the holiday season can be very difficult because it is usually associated with over-indulgence. This means there are more temptations that can threaten a person’s sobriety.

With parties, dinners, and social gatherings all month long, it might seem impossible to remain sober. Tangu Inc. has released a few tips that will help newly sober people remain sober through the holidays.

To start off, Tangu Inc identified some of the primary factors why the holidays are trying for some people: anxiety, anger, loneliness, stress, and depression are some of the most common reasons why people struggle with sobriety during this time of the year. Some people have painful memories related to the holidays. Others are reminded of career-related struggles, loved ones who have passed away, or former relationships that did not work out.

As a result, many people turn to drugs or alcohol to help them drown out their emotions. For someone who has been through the rehabilitation process, this puts them at risk of relapse. Tangu Inc. reminds people that it is 100 percent possible to attend social events and not drink. Navigating sobriety is always tricky, and it’s especially difficult during the holidays, but it is possible.

To accomplish this, it is a good idea to let others know about one's sobriety. People should be honest about their struggles and their current condition, so that others would see what they are going through, empathize, and even offer their support. At the very least, it will prevent them from pressuring the person into drinking a lot when they shouldn’t.

If someone is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, they need to tell their loved ones and everyone they trust that they are in the process of recovery. Honesty can go a long way in this situation. It is not necessary to go through this struggle alone. In fact, Tangu Inc. encourages people in recovery to maintain a sober partner or a sober friend who can be on-call. This way, if they experience cravings, they have someone to turn to for help. This sober companion can be a therapist, a sober friend, or a family member—as long as it is someone who is a good influence. They will agree to hold the person accountable and help them stay on the right track.

Let the sober companion know about social events, parties, and other gatherings where likely triggers might be present. The sober companion will accompany them to the event and accompany them when they encounter triggers, so they can both step outside. A substance abuse free holiday is possible with a sober companion. They will be there to serve as a reminder to stay away from drugs or alcohol.

Tangu Inc. values the presence of loved ones and friends who can keep the person sober throughout the holidays—and the months after it. But this addiction treatment facility also reminds people in recovery that they also need to be accountable for themselves.

Exercise and stay active during the holidays to stay distracted and keep the mind from fixating on triggers and temptations. Those in recovery should not indulge just because everyone else is doing it. They should make smart choices and keep their eyes wide open for triggers.

By staying active and exercising regularly, one can keep their head clear and free from distractions to maintain a sober journey. Tangu Inc encourages anyone struggling with drugs or alcohol to call an addiction treatment center near where one lives.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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