An Updated Selection of Simply Charmed Magnetic Wine Charms Is Announced

December 13, 2019
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Simply Charmed would like to announce that its popular selection of wine charms has been recently updated and increased. Many established and popular favorites are still there, of course, but the range of Simply Charmed magnetic wine charms now has some new additions that include some seasonal offerings.

Wine glass charms are not new and have been around for a long time. Wine glass charms are actually small decorations, very similar to charms on a bracelet which were originally made to fit around the stems of wine glasses.

Swarovski Crystal Wine Glass Charms

Magnetic glass charms are different and work in a different way. They are designed to go on the bowl of the glass, not the stem, which is a more popular method of displaying the individual charms. Attached in this way, the charms stand out better and are easier to see when a glass is put down. Originally designed to be used on wine glasses, magnetic glass charms will work equally well on stemmed or stemless, glass or crystal, and even plastic.

The charms are easily attached to any wineglass by the use of two small rare earth magnets - one in the charm on the outside and the other on the inside. The magnets do not affect the wine in any way and the wine does not affect the magnets. The magnets are very strong and will not slide around a glass even when wet, nor will they scratch the glass although care should be taken of course when applying or removing them from ultra-thin glasses.

Eleanor M., a returning Simply Charmed customer said, “I love to throw dinner parties for friends and when I do, I like to have an overall theme in some way. I hadn’t come across magnetic wine charms before and I was really excited to discover them – they were so different. The range available at Simply Charmed meant that I could easily add the charms into my dinner party themes.”

Simply Charmed has its own website as might be expected, but it also has a strong social media presence. Potential customers wishing to find magnetic wine charms on Facebook will discover an interesting range of designs to look at as well as a varied selection of posts and articles.

Simply Charmed is now ten years old and is a family-owned and operated business in Libertyville, Illinois. Starting off simply as a hobby, interest in the items that were made grew to the point that the hobby became a business. It was not long before it expanded to become a self-sufficient business and its range of products grew from there.

Unusual in this modern day and age, over 90% of the range offered by Simply Charmed is handcrafted either by them or by local artisans.

A spokesperson for Simply Charmed said, “We have been designing and making handcrafted products since 2009 and we think that our current range of wine charms is our best ever. Obviously, we keep customers’ perennial favorites, but we always make sure to add new and fresh designs each and every season to keep not only our returning customers thrilled but also customers finding us for the first time.”

It is not just on its website or on Facebook that customers will come across Simply Charmed. Those looking to find wine charms on Amazon will do so. Customers will be able to browse a large selection of the magnetic wine charms available and will undoubtedly be impressed with the quality of ratings given by buyers who purchased through Amazon. Such respectable feedback is not easy to come by. Shoppers on Etsy, another market that Simply Charmed utilizes have also been very impressed with the quality and service that they have experience. Feedback there is also stellar.

This type of charm is being increasingly sought by discerning purchasers who want something different and Simply Charmed aims to be at the top of customers’ lists with its updated selection of magnetic wine charms.

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Simply Charmed handcrafts magnetic wine charms and we have more wine accessories like gift bags and wine stoppers. We create Swarovski Crystal charms, as well as dogs, cats, and other themes that make great holiday and hostess gifts.

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