Bay Area Mold Detection Expert Advises Homeowners to Get a San Francisco Mold Inspection Done

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San Francisco Mold

Bay Area Mold Pros suggests that every homeowner in the San Francisco area should get periodic mold inspections. This professional mold detection company has been serving those in San Francisco and the surrounding counties for many years now. Company owner Rick Bruce says that periodic mold inspections help keep in check the potential harm that mold can cause in a household.

Bruce talked more about the importance of home mold inspections by saying, “Undetected mold growth can cause a myriad of health and other problems. The sooner it’s found the sooner it can be eradicated and the less long-term damage it can do. A thorough inspection can identify areas in a home where mold is growing and help pinpoint the moisture source that’s feeding that mold growth. For the small price a homeowner will pay for this service, they will reap a variety of short and long-term benefits from getting it done. Professional mold inspection services like ours not only detect current areas where mold is growing in a home, but we can also point out potential problem areas in a home where mold growth is likely to occur in the future.”

Bruce mentioned that the biggest concern with mold growth is how it impacts the respiratory health of those in a home. Mold spores are a powerful allergen. Breathing in a higher than normal concentration of mold spores can cause sinus congestion, coughing, throat irritation and more. He says that if someone in a home has constant sneezing fits or chronic runny noses, mold can be a contributor to these conditions. Mold buildup in a home can be especially hard on those that have asthma or other upper respiratory illnesses.

Home structural damage is another thing that Bruce says can be attributed to mold growth. Mold has been known to do such things as ruin the subflooring in a home and weaken structural wood over time. It can also significantly impact the integrity of drywall. The company owner pointed out that he has seen mold ruin thousands of dollars’ worth of carpeting in a home too.

Bruce also explained the company’s thorough approach to mold inspection and testing. He says they use a multi-pronged approach to detecting signs of mold buildup in a home. Their home mold detection services start with a thorough inside and outside inspection. Bruce also takes several moisture and humidity readings throughout the home being inspected. Taking random swab samples and air samples are also part of the testing procedure. Once Bay Area Mold Pros gets back the results of their tests, they will then present the homeowner with a written account of what the company has found during their home mold inspection. Bruce says that the written report will also contain an explanation of what the company has found and some recommendations. He encourages their customers to call him if they need further clarification on their mold testing results.

Bruce also talked about the unusual manner that his mold detection service got its start. After he retired from the San Francisco police department in 2005 he obtained his general contractor's license and started renovating homes on a full-time basis. That’s when Bruce started noticing that many of his homes had moisture problems. After finding a large amount of mold under the carpeting in one of the houses he was renovating, he then sought out some advice from a mold expert. His search only yielded national companies that were hard to get ahold of and were not timely in returning their calls. Bruce then decided to educate himself on the causes of mold growth in a home and that led to the birth of Bay Area Mold Pros.

Now Bruce has become one of the foremost mold detection experts in and around San Francisco. He holds industry certificates from the Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization (MICRO) and has taken several hours of required compliance training. Bruce is also a certified member of the National Association of Mold Remediators and Inspectors. That type of knowledge makes his opinion very valuable when it comes to getting periodic mold inspections done.

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About Bay Area Mold Pros :

Locally-owned and operated by longtime San Francisco Bay Area resident, Rick Bruce, Bay Area Mold Pros offers professional and unbiased mold testing and mold inspection services. Rick has extensive training in mold inspection procedures.

Contact Bay Area Mold Pros:

Rick Bruce

64 Lamartine St
San Francisco, CA 94112

(650) 296-0323

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