Softease Foot Peel Mask Is Getting Global Attention

December 03, 2019
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Alexandria, VA based Softease is delighted to announce that their Foot Peel Mask, an all-natural exfoliating foot peel mask, has begun to garner attention from users all over the world due to the product’s gentle nature and effectiveness. The foot exfoliating mask’s abilities have resulted in more and more people being interested in trying it out, and many of them end up becoming repeat customers.

Softease set out to create a highly potent exfoliating mask using nothing but all natural ingredients. The restorative, non-greasy foot masks are highly effective in the removal of skin, and they can help heal rough heels and toes. They contain natural fruit acids like citric acid, malic acid, aloe vera and papain, which all work in conjunction to help the user get soft, beautiful feet without having to resort to the use of harsh chemicals or painful foot scrapers. “Uncover silky-smooth feet,” says the product’s Amazon description. “Gently remove stubborn calluses and dead heel and toe skin, and unveil the baby-soft feet that are hiding underneath. Our exfoliating foot peel mask penetrates deep and intensely softens skin to revive dry, cracking feet like magic.”

The foot peeling masks produce results within one to two weeks. After only a week of using the quick peeling foot masks, many users notice a dramatic change as the all-natural exfoliating mask gets rid of all the tough, dead and dry skin on their feet. Thick, hard calluses and rough, dead flakes are softened, allowing them to peel away with ease—resulting in beautiful, soft feet within less than half a month. “Forget foot peeling masks that contain harmful, irritating chemicals,” says Softease. “Our revitalizing baby foot peel mask contains concentrated amounts of natural, antioxidant-rich ingredients so you can safely get your feet back. Perfect for sensitive piggies.”

The masks are designed to fit feet of all sizes, be they big or small, which means that everyone can have beautiful, soft feet whether they have petite feet or very large ones. As Softease says, “Whether you’re a Size 6 or have feet even Shaq would envy, our botanical foot peels are the best foot peel masks for getting that soft, luscious skin your feet crave.” The foot peeling mask is especially good for high heel and sneaker wearers, people with dry or unevenly textured feet and anyone who wants soft, healthy feet.

Softease has put a lot of time, effort and resources into the development of their Foot Peel Mask, and the results speak for themselves. Their commitment to producing the very best is unrivalled and their customers’ reviews all praise the company for creating a trustworthy, gentle and effective product. “Oh my gosh, really liked the results I got,” says a glowing 5-Star Amazon review from a customer named Cheryl. “First off, the directions were easy to follow and the foot mask was easy to use. With these booties, I was able to put my socks and slippers over them and walk around in the house. A few days later, my feet started peeling. A lot! Am pleased with how much softer my feet feel. Now, 10 days later, they look much better than before. Will repurchase.”

Another review comes from a customer named Yonie, who strongly recommends the product. She says, “I tried out the Softease foot exfoliation to remove some thick skin on the back of my heel. The booties fit my size 7 feet very well. I kept the booties on for one hour and my feet started peeling after two days. It did a great job of smoothing out that thick skin around my heel. Would recommend!”

Many more reviews can be found on Amazon, and the vast majority of them give the company a perfect 5/5 Star score, describing the beautiful results they achieved from using the foot mask. The most common theme in all the reviews refers to how gentle the mask is and how soft it left the users’ feet feeling after use. Another review states, “Oh my God, this peel is awesome. My dead skin is coming of like crazy. I will definitely be using this again.”

Find the product on Amazon at:

Shoppers may reach out to Peter Miller of Softease for more information on the product as well.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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