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Texas Breast Center Discusses Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery

August 29, 2019
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Waxahachie, Texas -

The Texas Breast Center in Waxahachie, Texas, recently published an article entitled, “The Path to Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery.” The article is designed to help those who have had breast cancer surgery to know what to expect immediately after and in the weeks following their surgery.

Dr. Valerie Gorman, surgeon for the Breast Center says, “We wanted to put out some information for those who are going through breast cancer surgery to let them know what to expect post-surgery. There are so many different things that patients need to know and this seemed like an excellent way to provide all of this information in one spot.”

In the article, the Texas Breast Center discusses the physical and emotional effects that breast cancer has on the body. The article begins by discussing what patients should expect from their hospital stay immediately following their surgery and guides them through the next few weeks as they begin to adjust at home following their hospital stay.

“It’s an in-depth and detailed look at what someone goes through during this surgery,” says Dr. Gorman. “Recovery from breast cancer surgery can be difficult. Some may find it easier than others and some may not go through all of these steps that we have listed, but there are at least a few of these points that are going to hit home for every patient.”

The article discusses everything from anesthesia and pain to drainage and when the patient should begin moving and exercising again. Dr. Gorman says that while many women will gain strength and feel better upon exercising, there is a time when this is acceptable. She states that patients should follow their individual doctor’s orders on when to begin normal movement and exercise after breast surgery, particularly after a complete mastectomy.

“A patient may feel as if she is ready to get back to her pre-surgery workouts,” says Dr. Gorman. “When in fact, this could be detrimental to the healing process. Exercise is good for everyone but at the right time. Starting certain exercises right after surgery could cause damage that could take even longer to heal.”

The article outlines when exercise is recommended and how patients should ease themselves back into their normal routines. Gorman adds that there are other points in the article that patients should pay attention to as well, such as when to be concerned about draining and other things that they may not know going into the surgery. The article is recommended for those who have not yet had breast cancer surgery as it can help them to better understand what they are going to go through after the surgery. It can help to prepare them for what to expect during this time.

Texas Breast Center published another article recently where they discussed the cost of breast cancer. This article outlines the financial cost of dealing with breast cancer from the patient’s perspective and what the patient can expect with regards to costs before and after insurance has paid their part. In many states, patients can receive state-funded insurance if they have been diagnosed with breast cancer, in many cases, but for those who are paying a portion of their surgery and treatment, this article helps to break down the costs associated with breast cancer surgery and what the patient should expect from start to finish.

For those who are interested in reading more about what to expect after breast cancer surgery with regards to treatment and pain, the first article can be accessed online. Those who are in need of assistance for breast cancer treatment can also contact The Texas Breast Center in Waxahachie to speak with a representative or to learn more about what the center does with regards to the treatment of breast cancer. The center’s website offers more information about them and what they do as well as location and contact information for those who wish to schedule an appointment with someone in the center.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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