Texas Breast Center Publishes Information About Hidden Scar™ Breast Cancer Surgery

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Waxahachie, Texas -

Texas Breast Center in Waxahachie, TX, has recently published an article about Hidden Scar™ Breast Cancer Surgery, which is an advanced method of removing breast cancer while preserving the patient’s quality of life after surgery by minimizing scars. This is because scars can have a significant impact on a woman’s body image, self-confidence, and intimacy. At Texas Breast Cancer, they are proud to point out that they offer the most advanced surgical methods for breast cancer surgery not just for helping to fight breast cancer but also help with their emotional recovery. Dr. Valerie Gorman, MD, FACS, is trained in advanced surgical oncology methods, and her goal is to provide patients the best surgical treatment and experience.

Typically, the surgeon will either perform a mastectomy procedure, where all of the breast tissue is removed, or a lumpectomy, where only a part of the breast tissue is removed. With the Hidden Scar™ method, Dr. Gorman makes a surgical incision in a location that is hard to see, which makes the scar not visible when the incision heals. The outcome is that there is little to no visible indication of the cancer surgery that was performed. Patients may qualify for this kind of breast cancer surgery depending on the location and size of the tumor, breast shape, and breast size.

Dr. Gorman says, “Every woman is unique, every medical situation different, and we believe that our job is to ensure that our patients have sufficient information to make informed decisions on the treatment they want to receive. For some women, there is a considerable amount of strength to be taken from their breast surgery scars; it marks the time they went into battle and beat cancer. For others, scars are the last thing they want to see on a daily basis and can affect a woman’s self-confidence. That is why we take the time to discuss all of the various options with our patients. We explain everything and answer any questions that you may have about your procedure options.”

It is important to note that it has been observed that Hidden Scar™ Surgery has no impact on the recurrence of cancer compared to the other types of treatment. Dr. Gorman can perform either a Hidden Scar™ Mastectomy or a Hidden Scar™ Lumpectomy. The mastectomy procedure is usually recommended to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or are at high risk of getting breast cancer.

The goal of the surgery is to get rid of the breast tumor and there are three types. One is simple/total mastectomy, which involves removing the breast tissue, the areola, the nipple, and the skin, but not all of the lymph nodes. The second type is skin-saving mastectomy, which involves removing the cancerous breast tissue, the areola, the nipple, and the skin but the goal is to preserve all of the breast skin and avoid any scarring to the breast. With this kind of mastectomy, breast reconstruction will be much easier, there is no visible scarring, and most patients prefer the look and feel of their breasts, compared to the simple mastectomy. The third type is nipple-sparing mastectomy, where Dr. Gorman doesn’t remove the skin or the nipple using Hidden Scar™ Surgery techniques. She makes the necessary incisions in areas that are hard to see, such as directly under the breast. However, it is important to note that the nipple-sparing mastectomy can only be recommended for those who have non-invasive cancer and when there’s no evidence of cancer within the nipple. And with Hidden Scar™ Lumpectomy, this involves just the removal of the lump itself, including a small part of the healthy tissue surrounding he tumor. This leaves most of the natural shape of the breast. However, this may only be recommended if the tumor is relatively small compared to the rest of the breast and there is no indication of the cancer spreading to other areas of the breast.

Texas Breast Center is a practice in Waxahachie, TX, operated by Dr. Valerie Gorman, MD, FACS, who specializes in breast cancer. Her services include: benign breast disease treatment; breast cancer surgery; breast pain treatment; mastectomy/ nipple-sparing mastectomy; lumpectomy; prophylactic mastectomy; catheter placement for partial breast radiation; partial mastectomy; diagnostic breast biopsy with ultrasound and stereotactic guidance; axillary surgery; sentinel lymph node biopsy; genetic/ familial high-risk screening and assessment; and consultations for abnormal mammograms.

People who would like to learn more about the breast cancer treatments can visit the Texas Breast Center website or contact them through the telephone. They are open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

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Valerie J. Gorman, MD, FACS, is a surgeon of oncology and diseases of the breast. She is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and serves as Chief of Surgery and Medical Director of Surgical Services at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center.

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