Doctor Recommended CBD Oil Now Being Used To Treat Chronic Pain

August 07, 2019
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The Chief Medical Officer of Paradise Valley, AZ based Alpha Therapeutics LLC Dr. Tyler Southwell, MD, recently stated in an interview that he uses CBD oil to treat patients that suffer from chronic pain. In the interview, Dr. Southwell discussed how CBD oil relieves pain quickly and with little or no side effects.

CBD treats pain by influencing CBD receptors throughout the body and deadening pain fibers. It also helps with inflammation and can be a great alternative for those who may be sensitive to other types of painkillers, or are simply unwilling to make use of traditional painkillers due to the side effects commonly associated with them. Compared to opiates and other traditional methods of pain management, CBD is, according to Dr. Southwell, much safer and more effective. Find out more about the different types of doctor recommended CBD oil online.

Alpha Therapeutics is a wholesale CBD manufacturer dedicated to producing a wide range of high quality products for a wide variety of applications. The company is equipped with the knowledge and experience required to produce the highest quality CBD products. As they state on their website, “Our firm will work with clients to ensure that a new formula is developed to meet the specific product development requirements. The development cycle doesn’t have to require months or years to go from an idea to a prototype. Our company has the knowledge and expertise to develop challenging formulations for many products, including those in the beauty industry. We offer assistance to help identify the right mix of ingredients for your specific product. Our company can adjust sizes, labels, testing requirements, and more without sacrificing the high manufacturing standards of the CBD products.”

Dr. Tyler Southwell has over 17 years of clinical experience, which he puts to good use running the organization. He has helped improve the quality of life of many patients through the use of CBD products, serving as a primary caregiver and helping them understand the many treatment options available. He places great emphasis on establishing clear communication with his patients.

Dr. Southwell has used Alpha Therapeutics’ products on himself and his family—and observed great results. “After using AT’s products on myself, my own family, and then increasingly with my diverse patient population, I found irrefutable proof of surprising effects,” said Dr. Southwell. “To fully embrace this, though, I decided I needed to be a part of this at every level to ensure the product’s quality and be able to use it with at least as much confidence as I do pharmaceuticals. I believe in what we are doing, from sourcing the highest quality ingredients to our uncompromising production process, including the post-production testing of every product until it leaves our facility.” The CBD expert’s ultimate goal is to make CBD based treatments a mainstream alternative for other clinicians like himself as well as their patients.

CBD based medicine presents a safer, more effective solution to chronic pain. Those suffering from serious, long term pain, and who are not overly enthusiastic about using traditional medicine, are encouraged to contact Alpha Therapeutics and find out where they can buy high quality organic CBD oil. Furthermore, interested parties may connect with the company through their social media platforms to stay in touch with their latest products and announcements.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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