Utah Rug Cleaning Company Discusses Benefits To Professional Cleaning

August 12, 2019
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Mr. Chem-Dry, a Utah rug cleaning company, recently discussed the benefits of professional cleaners over do-it-yourself type cleanings. The company offers a wide range of professional cleaning services for rugs, carpets, furniture and tile.

Daryl Olsen, a representative for the company says, “There are a number of benefits to hiring a professional rug cleaner as opposed to attempting to clean a rug or carpet oneself; not the least of which is the actual level of clean that one gets.”

Olsen says that the proprietary system that Mr. Chem-Dry uses does more than just clean the surface of the rug. He says that he carbonated system gets deep down dirt and allergens, making the carpet or rug cleaner and safer for those who suffer from allergies.

“We hear all of the time that self-cleaning carpets and rugs is the budget way to go,” says Olsen. “The thing is, professional cleaning can actually prolong the life of carpet, which essentially makes it cheaper to have carpets professional cleaned because then they will not need to be replaced as often.”

Olsen says that Mr. Chem-Dry provides professional rug cleaning in Utah that will remove pet dander as well as dust, dirt and other particles that can cause issues in those who suffer from allergies. The company also provides tips and advice on their website for those who suffer from allergies and more information about the benefits of professional cleaning over self-cleaning.

Olsen adds that professionally cleaning rugs, carpets and tile can help to raise the value of the home, as well. The system that Mr. Chem Dry uses is a hot carbonation extraction system that gives carpets and rugs a much deeper clean than even steam cleaning can provide. This system releases bubbles that can reach far into carpet and rug fibers. Once the bubbles are released, they burst which then lifts dirt up so that it can be quickly removed.

Olsen adds that one of the main benefits of this system is that it is completely natural and does not include any chemicals that could be harmful to people or animals. The system uses about 80 percent less water, which means that it dries much more quickly than other systems. Olsen states that when consumers rent self-cleaning machines for their upholstery or rugs, they are getting a system that uses a mixture of hot water and some sort of a detergent, which may or may not be safe for those living in the home.

He adds that because these self-cleaning systems are set up to use water and detergent, they use more water than the system used by Mr. Chem-Dry, which means that they take much longer to dry. Mr. Chem-Dry offers carpet and rug cleaning with this revolutionary system, as well as a variety of other services.

Other cleanings offered by the company include granite countertop restoration, pet urine and stain removal treatments, upholstery cleaning, water damage cleanup and tile and hardwood flooring cleaning. Olsen states that their system works well on most surfaces and materials and turns out a clean that simply cannot be gained from consumer rented or purchased systems that use hot water and chemical cleaners.

The cleaning system used by Mr. Chem-Dry does not use any type of detergent, bleach or other chemicals that could potentially be harmful to those living in the home. Olsen says that this alone is the main benefit of a professional rug cleaning and that there are additional benefits that include the actual deep cleaning that cannot be gained from rented machines.

Those who are interested can learn more about the professional cleaning services offered by the company by visiting them on their official website. Mr. Chem-Dry currently serves Ogden, as well as Davis County, Salt Lake City, and other locations throughout Utah. Those who are interested in scheduling a professional cleaning can do so by contacting the company directly via phone or email or by using their online contact form.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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