Rockwell Trading Announces Upcoming Bootcamp

August 07, 2019
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Rockwell Trading recently announced that they will be hosting Bootcamps to help beginning investors kick off their trading journey. The free Rockwell Trading Bootcamp will be held on August 16 and 17, August 23 and 24 and September 6 and 7. The events are set to take place in Phoenix, Arizona wherein the first set of Bootcamps will be at the Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport located at 4300 East Washington Street. Those who are interested in attending can visit Rockwell Trading online to reserve a seat.

Markus Heitkoetter, CEO of Rockwell Trading, says, “Our Rockwell Trading Bootcamp helps beginners kick off their trading journey. We take a unique approach to trading that simplifies complex trading concepts and removes the fears of investing for those who attend. Anyone who has ever considered investing will definitely want to join us for one of these events.”

Heitkoetter says that those who have questions about the Bootcamp can read through the various Rockwell Trading Review posts that have been left by others who have attended. In one particular review an attendee states, “I am new to trading and this is one of the best investments that I have ever made.” She goes on to say that Markus began the seminar by teaching about mindset and “Carried this throughout the entire three-day event.”

Other Rockwell Trading Bootcamp reviewers state that the teaching methods used during the seminars are designed to help anyone, from first time investors to seasoned traders. Heitkoetter says, “We do want everyone to get some benefit from these events. We want to help people who are somewhat afraid of trading to get past their fears and realize that this could honestly be one of the easiest things that they will ever do and it helps them to prepare for their financial future at the same time.”

The upcoming seminars in Phoenix are one-day events. Even so, Heitkoetter says that there is much to learn and urges those who are considering trading to attend. A list of upcoming Bootcamp schedules can be seen on the company’s website.

Heitkoetter says that included in the seminar are a number of topics that will help beginners to get started such as how to find the best stocks for trading, when to buy stocks, how to limit risks when to take profits and how to grow trading accounts. Heitkoetter states that these are things that all traders will need to know before they get started. The events are set to last for four hours each and Heitkoetter says that attendees should come prepared to learn and to take notes.

“This is not something that everyone is going to instantly retain,” he says. “Attendees should be prepared to learn a lot of information during these few hours and that information will help them to get started in trading and to really grow their portfolios.”

The company states that traders will learn how to trade with confidence and how to learn when they should sell a stock or hold it, as well as whether stocks are more likely to go up or down so that they know precisely when to part with those particular stocks. Past attendees praise the Bootcamp, saying that it is something that everyone should attend before they consider trading.

Those interested in reading more Rockwell Trading Reviews or in learning more about the upcoming events can visit Rockwell Trading on their official website. Reservations for the events can be made through the website and the company warns that seating is limited so those who are remotely interested in attending should choose the time and date that they prefer and schedule their reservation so that they do not lose their seat. Rockwell Trading hosts a number of similar events regularly although they did not state when their next round of trading seminars would be scheduled past the September dates in Phoenix.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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