Giving Back: Rockwell Trading's Memorial Day Tribute

June 04, 2020
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Rockwell Trading, an Austin Texas based trading consultancy, recently donated five dollars for every ‘like’ received on their special episode of Coffee with Markus during the Memorial Day tribute. The episode aired on May 25, 2020. This is Rockwell Trading’s way of giving back to the community. The total amount of Rockwell Trading’s donation was given to Children of Fallen Patriots, which received 58% of the votes in an online poll.

Heitkoetter donated $5000 live on Coffee with Markus, which will hopefully help the charity in its work. Children of Fallen Patriots helps military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty attend college. By providing scholarships and educational counselling, the charity helps the children of the nation’s military build a life for themselves even without the support of the parents they have lost to war.

“Fallen Patriots has impacted me by giving me the opportunity to attend a great university, but more importantly, they have provided me with encouragement and support to go and pursue these goals,” says Boston Gilbert, the son of US Air Force Major Troy Gilbert. “I am forever grateful for Fallen Patriot’s support of me, my family and other families and students like me.”

Rockwell Trading’s donations will likely go a long way towards bettering the community, and the company hopes to continue to make such donations in the future. Rockwell Trading was founded in January 2005 by Heitkoetter, with the goal being to simplify the complex world of trading and help people achieve their trading goals. The company offers powerful and unique trading strategies that are both easy to understand and execute, often taking less than an hour to learn even for inexperienced traders. Experienced traders can also benefit quite a bit from Rockwell Trading’s strategies as they can easily be combined and integrated into any other stock trading strategy.

The company believes that a great trading education should be affordable. “As you browse our website, you will notice that many great resources are available for free,” says Rockwell Trading. “We do have courses and DVDs for sale, but you don’t have to break the bank to get your hand on these courses. The majority of our products and services are available for less than $100. But don’t mistake the affordable price with low quality! When investing in Rockwell Trading’s products, you will get high quality education that can help you to achieve your trading goals.”

Heitkoetter quit his six figure job at IBM to start his trading career. His goal was to replace his corporate income through trading. That was not the case, however, and he quickly saw the need for mentoring. By sitting down and talking to a mentor, he was able to identify his mistakes and correct them, quickly becoming a successful trader. With the help of an experienced, active trader, one can quickly learn to succeed as traders.

Many have sought out Heitkoetter for his expertise and then seen their fortunes as traders change. “I read Markus Heitkoetter's e-book: "The Complete Guide to Day-Trading" and have been a fan ever since,” says a review from Ace Walker. “The book was well-written and packed with useful information. It wasn't just about trading either. It helped me on a spiritual level, as a human being, because it also asks you to evaluate your own psychology, your own intentions, and it helps you to understand yourself better and develop a strategy that not only works for your trading but for your life. Much like the book, the e-mails I get from Markus/Rockwell Trading are informative on a material, emotional and spiritual level. I look forward to them every business day, and of course the weekend update! He always includes important updates about the market, a thought-provoking article and an inspiring quote. From this experience, I have nothing but respect for Markus as well as Rockwell Trading as a business.”

Read more Rockwell Trading reviews on the company’s website. Heitkoetter has helped many people become successful traders and would be more than happy to help aspiring traders make their way through the complex world of trading. Visit Rockwell Trading’s site for more.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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