Back Of The Bike Tours Announces Exciting New Tour Location

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam based Back Of The Bike Tours is pleased to announce they have updated their famous A Taste Of Vietnam tour, adding an exciting new location where travelers can enjoy and share a diverse selection of foods and drinks with the locals. To access more information about the company and their tours, interested parties may visit the following link:

One of the reasons behind the success that Back Of The Bike Tours has been able to achieve is the variety of tours they offer, catering to the myriad preferences and interests of their clients. In their tours, clients are guided through different locations and unique dining experiences within a given city. These experiences emulate the everyday life of local residents, allowing tourists to soak in the genuine atmosphere of the city they are visiting, rather than merely visiting popular spots.

These tours are in constant flux, adding new locations and modifying routes to ensure that participants have a truly unique experience. The most recent addition to their Taste Of Vietnam tour is an open-air barbeque restaurant, where visitors get to share and enjoy food with locals in a communal space while they enjoy the beauty of the city.

The company says, "Taste Of Vietnam is one of our most famous tours. We believe that there is no better way to get to know a culture and its traditions than by visiting their local restaurants and learning their traditions. We have decided to add a restaurant that is located in a hidden alley, far enough from the city to stay away from all the noise and hassle, but close enough to let our clients take in the beautiful scenery. There, we will join the locals and barbecue marinated beef, pork, chicken skewers, fresh shrimp, and vegetables. This is a prime location in which to sit back and enjoy a tasty local beer or cider while our staff grills you up some delicious Vietnamese food."

Back Of The Bike Tours asserts that they travel far and wide, exploring the multitude of options within the city to determine which experiences better encompass Vietnam’s unique ambience. They state that this tour is a unique and incredible experience, allowing clients to explore the city under cover of night and enjoy Vietnamese food with the locals, alongside the company's guides. More information regarding their Taste Of Vietnam tour can be accessed through the following link:

"Whether you’re a food enthusiast or not, our tasting menu is created for travelers of all types," affirms the company. Regardless of their client's food preferences, the company confidently notes, they will find something to enjoy. They add, "We'll visit places which describe both the food and culture of Vietnam, embracing the Vietnamese traditions at the hands of our local Vietnamese guides who know the city like no one else—and are enthusiastic to show off their city."

Back Of The Bike Tours is one of the best-rated touring companies in the area, maintaining a perfect review score over thousands of reviews. Through their website, the company proudly showcases one of their most recent reviews, which they received through the TripAdvisor platform. There, Sophia L. shares her experience, saying, "The Saigon City tour was a total joy. We had nothing planned for the day, and we decided on this as a last-minute quick getaway without the time to research and plan. We wanted to maximize our knowledge of the city in a short time so we could do it some justice, and we were not disappointed. The staff were knowledgeable, safe drivers, and not to mention hilarious! Would recommend to anyone early in their trip–even previous non-tour-goers like us."

For more information regarding the different food and sightseeing adventures offered by Back Of The Bike tours, interested parties may visit their website, where a full description of each experience can be found. The company invites all those interested in learning more about their different touring experiences to visit their YouTube channel, where they feature some of their best tour locations. The Youtube channel can be found here:

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We are a motorbike tour company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We specialize in half day city tours and food tours. Our unique tours have been called the best in the world many times over.

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