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Asheville Brain Training: The Benefits Of At Home Neurofeedback Treatment

July 02, 2019
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Arden, North Carolina based Asheville Brain Training recently discussed the various benefits that can be gained through their famous neurofeedback treatments. Neurofeedback is an innovative treatment that offers relief to patients who are afflicted by a number of mental conditions.

The treatment offered by Asheville Brain Training provides quick relief to some of the most common mental conditions and symptoms that patients face. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive alternative to traditional medication—which is crucially just as effective as its counterpart. Dr. JoJo Yonce of the renowned medical center asserts, "Often, we are encouraged to reach for medication as the first choice for unwanted symptoms and conditions as if there were no other options. However, this is far from the truth. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, drug-free method that provides relief to many of a patient's mental conditions and symptoms. It has been proven to be just as effective as traditional medication, if not better, due to the absence of side effects."

Asheville Brain Training has now taken Neurofeedback to the next level, allowing patients to receive the treatment from the convenience of their own home at any given time. Dr. Yonce notes that At Home Neurofeedback addresses some of the most common concerns and inconveniences of traditional medication. Patients under Neurofeedback treatment see a quick improvement in their condition, allowing them to have a normal life free of the side-effects that are infamously characteristic of prescribed drugs.

As Asheville Brain Training explains, getting an At Home Neurofeedback treatment is possible once the initial diagnosis consultation and tests are done. Initially, patients will have to attend a consultation with Dr. Yonce to assess their full symptoms and goals, as well as determine if home neurofeedback is a good fit for them. If it were to be determined that proceeding with the treatment is beneficial for the patient's health, the physician would then request a non-invasive functional test known as a Quantitative Electroencephalograph (qEEG). The purpose of this test is to scan the patient's brain and discover any other areas that may benefit from a Neurofeedback treatment. Alongside the qEEG test, the patient will also receive training and proper instructions on how to handle the equipment that they will be using from then on.

This equipment includes a complete neurofeedback training station that contains everything the patient will need to begin their treatment, including a computer, EEG amps, sensors, and pre-installed software. The treatment itself consists of 40 sessions, which can be done at a frequency of two or more times per week. To ensure the best results, Dr. Yonce will also advise patients on the recommended session frequency based on the initial qEEG results.

Dr. Yonce notes that At Home Neurofeedback is a rather simple process, considering that patients will only need to attend examinations once every few months. He says, "Though it is a very straightforward process, we guide our patients every step of the way. I will personally hold online video conference meetings with the patients to further ensure they are implementing their training properly and to check on their progress. Furthermore, they will receive my personal contact information in case they have any inquiries they need to clear, which I'll gladly answer."

Similarly, Asheville Brain Training also hosts Peak Performance training, catered towards people who believe they could be performing significantly better in different aspects of their lives—the training is designed to help them unlock their full potential. Due to new advancements in technology, scientists are now able to observe the brain and how its brain waves usually function. This has allowed them to determine what methods could be used to further enhance the performance of the brain, allowing it to both surpass previous levels and also sustain this increased activity for longer periods. This can be useful in a number of situations, such as in competitions, or it can simply be utilized to help an individual perform better at their job and other everyday activities. The clinic’s Peak Performance Training is non-invasive and completely safe; the medical center affirms that it has been thoroughly tested and is now accepted by the relevant authorities.

For more information regarding the diverse treatments provided by Asheville Brain Training, interested parties may visit their website, where a detailed description of each service and product can be found. They may also contact Dr. JoJo Yonce, or get in touch with the clinic to schedule a free consultation.

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