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Dependable Homebuyers has a Proposition for Sellers in the Saturated Buyers Market of Maryland

May 17, 2019
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Residential real estate in Maryland is a saturated buyers market. The prevailing norms and the uncertainties in any deal are largely influenced by the buyers. Sellers have very little control over what can happen and the terms that can dictate the proceedings. Buyers have an upper hand and sellers are often compelled to respond accordingly. At a time when sellers are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right buyers and the deals are rarely securing maximum returns for homeowners, Dependable Homebuyers has a proposition that has emerged as the much needed alternative.

The We Buy Houses company based in Maryland is buying residential properties from owners who are unable to find a buyer in the open market. Homeowners can now avoid hiring real estate agents and do not have to rely on multiple listing services to get buyers. This saves a lot of money as realtors charge a hefty six percent commission on the sale. There is also the closing cost that must be paid by the seller. The buyers do not bear any such costs. The cost of appraisal is also an obligation of the seller. The appraisal enables a buyer to know if the property is valued appropriately so their bank can approve the loan for the purchase. None of these complexities are relevant when homeowners choose Dependable Homebuyers.

Dependable Homebuyers can be contacted directly. Homeowners need to provide basic details about their properties. Evan Roberts and his team at Dependable Homebuyers will review the information and schedule an inspection if a property meets their buying criteria. The inspection can be scheduled promptly, usually in a day. The inspection is a onetime exercise. The company typically comes up with a purchase offer within twenty four hours. This cash offer is nonobligatory and sellers do not pay anything for the inspection or the assessment of the fair value. Sellers can choose to accept or reject the offer. If they accept, then Dependable Homebuyers can close the deal immediately and complete the sale in seven to ten business days. Here's a recent press release they published.

The residential real estate market in Maryland is saturated for a few reasons. There are more houses listed for sale than there are buyers. This is partly due to the increasing inventory of houses available for sale as people move to the suburbs. The buyers have plenty of options so they are in no haste to choose a particular property. They have the rights to walk out of a deal if they find problems in a property after the inspection. They can also negotiate to reduce the ask price substantially. Many buyers do not get approved for the required loan amount, either due to their eligibility or for the appraisal citing that a property is overvalued. Buyers can walk out of a deal or they may compel the sellers to review the terms of the sale, which goes against the best interests and returns of the homeowners. All such problems can be averted by homeowners if they choose Dependable Homebuyers and initiate an outright sale. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

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