Rockwell Trading's New Podcast "The Truth About Trading" Got More Than 1,000 Downloads In Only 2 Weeks

April 12, 2019
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Markus Heitkoetter, CEO of Rockwell Trading Services LLC, launched a new podcast called "The Truth About Trading" on March 21, 2019.

The podcast has become one of the most popular podcasts in this industry, as of today, April 10th, 2019, the podcast already has more than 1,000 downloads.

The podcast is perfect for people who want to grow their retirement accounts and want to know the latest information on stock and options trading.

This new podcast was created specifically with the needs of people who want to generate a part-time or full-time income with trading, and Rockwell Trading Services LLC welcomes input on which topics to explore.

Markus Heitkoetter, Founder and CEO at Rockwell Trading Services LLC said: "I called this podcast The Truth About Trading because I want to show people that trading can be simple. There's no need to rely on these so-called experts who don't know what they are doing. In this podcast, I am sharing the trading strategies and the mindset of a trader."

Rockwell Trading Services LLC's Founder and CEO goes on to say: "The aim of the new podcast is to help people to trade their accounts in a systematic way. The more feedback we can get, the better we can serve our audience."

Anyone interested in stock and options trading and current Rockwell Trading Services LLC fans and supporters can subscribe to the podcast here:

Alternatively, all parties are welcome to read more on the company website at

Some of the planned subjects for upcoming videos include:

- "How Much Money Can One Make With Trading?"

Most traders fail because expectations are set way too high and that is a huge mistake. In this episode, Markus shares how much money one can realistically make with trading, starting off with reasonable expectations.

- "How Much Money Does One Need to Get Started With Trading?"

Most people are unsure how much money is needed to get started with trading. In this episode, Markus Heitkoetter discusses the minimum amount of money one should have in a trading account, what types of trades are possible based on the amount of money in the account, as well as how long it will take to make a worthy profit.

- "The Best Stock Trading Simulator"

When people are new to trading, it is highly recommended to train on a trading simulator first. In this episode, Markus Heitkoetter explains why it is important, how to use a simulator and where to get a free stock trading simulator to practice.

Further details on the podcast, the direction and other information on Rockwell Trading Services LLC itself can be found on the company website:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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