A Trustworthy Commercial Real Estate Appraiser Arrives In Minnesota

April 07, 2019
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Minnesota residents looking for a real estate appraiser in the St. Paul Region of Minnesota need not look any further than Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services. With over forty years of experience in commercial, industrial, land, legal, and multi-family residential appraisal, the firm is a reliable option for anyone seeking an impartial, objective appraisal of the value of their property.

Clarke T. Goset is an independent real estate appraiser and the head of Minneapolis Real Estate Appraisal Services. He has a portfolio of over 10,000 fee appraisals and a client list made up of over 300 local lenders, attorneys, and relocation companies. He is also certified as a real estate valuation expert witness in county, state, and federal court testimony. Furthermore, Goset graduated from the University of Hawaii’s School of Business and worked as a realtor in the Twin Cities for a few years before working independent real estate appraisal. He is licensed as a Certified General Real Property Appraiser for all types of real estate.

Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services has over forty years’ experience in real estate appraisal services in Minnesota. The firm provides their services across nearly the entire state and provide appraisals for all types of commercial, industrial and residential properties. “Our past has proven our impartiality, objectivity, and assured knowledge of appraisal fundamentals,” asserts the company. “Our firm has familiarity with today’s real estate market and the professional expertise necessary to fulfill all appraisal needs. Our reputation has been built on a solid foundation of integrity, credibility, and trust.”

The firm aims to be the best real estate appraisal firm in the local area. They hope to accomplish this by conducting business in a way that balances intelligence and practicality, and by maintaining the highest degree of ethical conduct and practice along with professional competency. The firm states, “We plan, through dedication and competent service, to justify further the friendship and confidence of our clients. To that end, we will constantly strive to contribute toward the improvement of our community, state, country, and real estate industry.”

With hundreds of land appraisals behind them, the firm is experienced in land and development property appraisals. They provide an in depth analysis of each piece of land, detailing its current and potential uses, its surrounding area, and other factors that may affect its marketability and future usage. Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services makes use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in their appraisal reports when applicable or requested by the client. GIS allows the firm to illustrate specific aspects of the property on a map, such as elevations, soil types, wetland areas, and many other attributes. The appraisal report explains all mapped attributes for the benefit of the client.

From multi-million dollar properties on Lake Minnetonka to smaller city properties, Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services has performed appraisals on a variety of different estates, and is still ready and able to appraise any sort of property presented to them. The firm offers a number of different types of real estate appraisal reports to try and meet the needs of each individual client. The types of Narrative reports provided include both complete, self-contained reports and summary reports.

Recent years have seen in increase in the need for real estate appraisals in legal proceedings. In the present climate, winning settlements or gaining favorable court decisions requires the aid of highly skilled professionals. Due to this, Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services has a wealth of experience in litigation support and witness services. Government agencies, tax entities, financial institutions, legal and accounting firms, and many other businesses have made use of the firm’s services. “We pride ourselves in our ability to provide our clients, including Attorneys, Financial Advisers, Executives and Business Owners with our quality, respected, and exceptional valuation services,” says the company.

Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services has performed hundreds of commercial and industrial property appraisals in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro Area, as well as around Minnesota. With years of experienced and the knowledge gained over that period, the firm can meet every client’s appraisal needs while maintaining the highest standards of service.

Those looking for the assistance of a real estate appraisal firm with years of experience in determining property values may contact Clark Goset of Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services. Further information is also available on the firm’s website.

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Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services offers it’s 40+ years of Commercial, Industrial, Land, Legal and Multi-Family Residential Appraisal Expertise for your project. We are Real Estate Appraisers you can trust.

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