Azran Financial Introduces Specialized R&D Tax Credit Services in Partnership with Endicies Advisory

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Azran Financial recently announced its partnership with Endicies Advisory, a leading provider of research & development (R&D) tax credits. Under Internal Revenue Code Section 41, these credits are meant to yield billions of dollars in benefits to companies engaged in qualified research. As of March 2019, fewer than 10% of eligible businesses were taking advantage of the credit.

“Given our deep ties to the startup community, entrepreneurs, and growth companies in general, we found it necessary to bring the same level of service and expertise to R&D tax credits,” said Joshua Azran, founder of Azran Financial. “After a long search, we partnered with Endicies Advisory, due to their exceedingly high standards in alignment with our ongoing commitment to remaining the highest quality service in the marketplace.”

Endicies Advisory employs dozens of industry experts who have helped companies large and small to reclaim millions of dollars in R&D benefits. Through smart financial strategies, Endicies Advisory clients establish and maintain leading roles in their given industry while creating technologies that improve our world, one project at a time. “Invention and innovation are what determine the success or failure of companies large and small,” says Endicies. “We are not creating breakthrough technologies, but we are leveraging the power of research & development tax credits to ensure that as many businesses as possible can do just that.”

As a result of the partnership, Azran Financial will now offer specialized tax accounting services designed to help businesses evaluate their expenses within the context of the Qualified Research requirements. The R&D experts at Azran Financial can determine eligibility and documentation requirements in order to ensure the maximum allowable benefit is claimed through the R&D Tax Credit.

Unlike a tax rebate, the R&D tax credit provides a dollar-for-dollar offset against tax owed or previously paid. Eligible taxpayers may derive a credit in any open tax year and may amend a previously filed return to claim a tax credit against any tax previously paid in that year as well. The federal R&D Tax Credit can be carried back one year and forward for up to twenty years to be applied at any point where the business may have tax owed.

Those who wish to learn more about R&D tax credits may visit the Azran Financial website for more details. Specific questions and service requests may be sent directly to Joshua V. Azran of Azran Financial.

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