Woman in Philadelphia Uses Tea Lights with Ice Globes to Decorate the Lawn, Gets Impressed by Its Longevity

March 07, 2019
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Ice globes are luminous ice balls often used to reduce discoloration and inflammation on the skin. In other cases, women use them to stimulate facial muscles to eliminate fine lines and reduce the size of large pores. In Philadelphia, however, one woman used the ice globes in a completely different way.

Come winter 2016. Heather, a PA resident, hosted a winter-themed party and searched for décor ideas online. After finding the lawn decoration idea she needs, Heather grabbed a few ice globes and tea lights and lined them up on top of several coffee tables around the yard.

With much awe, Heather noticed that the tea lights set the mood perfectly and are not affected by the cold temperature after seeing all are still well-lit the next morning. She also commented on how they stay lighted after two weeks of continuous use.

Three weeks after, one of the tea lights died down due to rust buildup in the battery. A week later, the rest of the tea lights died after the other, which Heather anticipated as the battery typically runs out by this amount of time.

Nevertheless, Heather was impressed with the flameless tea lights overall. “These little lights are really impressive. The rest of the package is great too. The paper votives are pretty, and easy to put together and take apart without damaging them. The light from the tealights is very much like the pictures; a soft warm flickering glow. Highly recommend,” according to the 5-star product review left by Heather.

The flameless tea lights were manufactured by Frux Home and Yard, a home and kitchen supply merchant online. Heather recommends checking out the brand’s Amazon storefront to get more information about their selection of battery-operated flameless tea lights.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Frux Home and Yard:

Established in 2013, Frux Home and Yard is a family owned brand of home products that offer useful, interesting and value priced home products. Currently, they offer high quality home entertaining and decorative lighting products.

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