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Established in 2013, Frux Home and Yard is a family owned brand of home products that offer useful, interesting and value priced home products. Currently, they offer high quality home entertaining and decorative lighting products.

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Mike MacDonald
3651 Lindell Road
Suite D117
Las Vegas, NV 89103

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January 03, 2020
It’s not every day that a company takes the advice of a customer and adjusts a user’s manual accordingly, but that’s exactly what Frux Home and Yard recently did. (read more...)
December 02, 2019
To celebrate their coffee grinder's very successful launch, Frux Home and Yard are running an online promotion so that interested shoppers can save 50%-70% on Facebook Messenger. (read more...)
November 07, 2019
Just in time for the holidays, Frux Home and Yard has launched a new cheese board and cutlery set. (read more...)
November 07, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada based home goods manufacturer Frux Home and Yard is pleased to announce that they have launched a new series of silicone oven mitts in grey, red and black. (read more...)
September 23, 2019
Online merchant of home and kitchen improvement products, Frux Home and Yard, has recently published a blog post, sharing fresh ways to use oven mitts in and out of the house. (read more...)
September 06, 2019
The best-selling Red Silicone Mitts has received a perfect 5-star rating from an avid Amazon shopper last June 2018 on the said shopping platform. (read more...)
August 21, 2019
One of the leading online suppliers of home and kitchen products, Frux Home and Yard, has recently published their blog post for August. (read more...)
August 19, 2019
Frux Home and Yard’s Cheese Board and Knife Set, an eco-friendly product and an Amazon’s Choice badge awardee, has recently been tagged as a ‘beautiful serving board’ by an Amazon customer. (read more...)
July 10, 2019
Amazon’s Prime Day is only a few days ahead, and Frux Home and Yard celebrates the special sale event by offering an early bird promo and price discounts to interested buyers of some of their home and (read more...)
July 02, 2019
This just in: Frux Home and Yard’s Cheese Board and Knife Set will be featured with a discount code on its Amazon page. (read more...)
June 19, 2019
Frux Home and Yard just announced today that their Multicolored Lanterns are coming back in stock, in the celebration of the upcoming summer season. (read more...)
June 10, 2019
This just in: Frux Home and Yard recently published a blog post about assembling a cheese board for a party. (read more...)
January 03, 2020
Frux Home and Yard, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has announced that they are shipping their newly launched silicone oven mitts in a biodegradable poly bag mostly made from starch. (read more...)
January 03, 2020
Frux Home and Yard is a home and yard products company based in Las Vegas. (read more...)
November 29, 2019
Frux Home and Yard, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is extremely pleased to announce that their Manual Coffee Grinder has received the Amazon's Choice Badge for the search term "Coffee Grinder Burr." The (read more...)
November 07, 2019
A cup of coffee is key to many individuals’ mornings. (read more...)
October 08, 2019
In Burleson, Texas, one woman swore never to use scented candles again after getting involved in an accident. (read more...)
September 19, 2019
News Press has recently published their take on the US Census Bureau’s newly released data, showing more and more Americans doing takeouts from fast food chains. (read more...)
September 04, 2019
The Amazon’s Choice Badge awardee Frux Home and Yard Flameless Tealight Votive Wraps have recently been restocked on Amazon UK and Europe. (read more...)
August 21, 2019
The top-rated Black Silicone Oven Mitts by Frux Home and Yard got a 5-star rating from a verified customer on Amazon for having excellent quality and actually protecting the person wearing them. (read more...)
July 11, 2019
The top-rated Cheese Board and Knife Set is now featured in an all-improved listing, highlighting the benefits, features, and specifications of the product in a whole new level. (read more...)
July 08, 2019
Starting July 5, Frux Home and Yard is doing an early bird sign up promotion for buyers interested in home and kitchen supplies such as the oven mitts, cheese board, tea lights with luminaries, and th (read more...)
June 21, 2019
A writer/food blogger from Minnesota, Julie Hoag, has recently purchased Frux Home and Yard’s White Lunaxia Lanterns and left a positive review about how the product exceeded her expectations. (read more...)
June 19, 2019
A previously listed product from Frux Home and Yard, the White Lantern String Lights or popularly known as White Lunaxia Lanterns, will soon be restocked on Amazon as announced by Frux Home and Yard, (read more...)
June 06, 2019
Frux Home and Yard’s Picnic Backpack Set has recently been featured in a video. (read more...)

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