The Shops @Rockvale Announces New Park Being Built & Local Makers Market This Weekend

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With the growing popularity of online shopping, many people might think that buyers are leaving brick and mortar stores behind. But there are many reasons customers are sticking around, and it has to do with ‘experiential shopping’.

This refers to the experience people have when visiting a shop or mall and picking out the things they need or want. Online stores may be convenient, but they are quite lacking in this department because they cannot provide the tactile experience of shopping, and enjoying quality time with friends or family. Consumers are well aware of the benefits of click to buy websites. They are seeking something more, often in conjunction with the delivery type of websites.

The Shops @Rockvale pushes experiential shopping to another level, not only to make families stick around but also to provide a better experience overall. Thoughtful renovations and continuous community events can keep people coming back for more—because The Shops @Rockvale understands that consumer behavior is changing and the importance of creating a unique retail experience.

The Shops @Rockvale is always looking for ways to improve the shopping experience. Experiential shopping is only one of the trends that their management team has noticed. This is why they are pleased to announce that our their Park is going to be ready for its grand opening in June.

The Park @Rockvale is an expansion: a place for families and friends to gather, relax and have fun. It is a great way to let the kids wear out some of their energy, giving people a bit more peace while shopping or just providing an opportunity to take a break. Kids and adults alike will surely enjoy the family-friendly Park. It’s a great place to connect as a community and make incredible family bonding moments. Located between the VF Outlet Clearance 411 and Bass Factory Outlet 1704 along South Willow Dale Drive is where customers will be able to spot the renovation happening when shoppers come to visit.

Kristi Burkholder, GM, and spokesperson for The Shops @Rockvale had this to say about the improvements, “we are so pleased to continue to invest in the infrastructure and the grounds for our tenants and for our shoppers. The Park @Rockvale gives people a place to come and relax. It also provides a great meeting place for friends and family while they let their young kids play in a safe place. The Shops @Rockvale is looking forward to seeing shoppers build memories here.”

People who are looking for “things to do in Lancaster PA”, will be pleased to find that there is another amazing event coming again to The Shops @Rockvale in March. The Local Makers Market this Saturday, March 2nd. It’s where people can come to shop for some of their favorite local artisans in one spot.

The Local Makers Market will offer a variety of goods such as candles, soaps, skin care products, woodworking supplies, oils, jewelry, sweets, and more. Locals will not want to miss this Saturday because they just added two new makers, a well known Lancaster based artist Annie Quigley and floral design experts Pollinate. This event lasts all year long and is open from 10 am to 3 pm on select Saturdays of each month.

Check out the complete list of the dates on The Shops @Rockvale’s event page under Future Events @Rockvale. Mark the calendars and prepare to bring family or friends. By June, families can enjoy both the Local Makers Market and the Family Park at the same time.

The Shops @Rockvale is redefining experiential shopping by making sure families and friends have more to look forward to every time they come and visit. These events go hand-in-hand with the year-round bargains and deals that are available through The Shops @Rockvale’s many outlet stores.

While online shopping has given consumers a very convenient way to get what they need, many stores still stick with the brick and mortar approach—and for good reason. The personal feeling and experience associated with going to a store such as The Shops @Rockvale can provide more than just the satisfaction of purchasing an item.

In-person retail still has the unique tactile human experience that can’t be replicated online. And with The Shops @Rockvale’s upcoming renovations and events, visiting a store has never been more fun.

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