Dependable Homebuyers Makes the Case for Real Estate as an Alternative Investment

January 02, 2019
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Columbia, MD - Evan Roberts of Dependable Homebuyers has written and published an interesting and educational blog post to his website that builds the case for investing in real estate. To read the new article in its entirety, please check out

Given the uncertainty concerning how traditional investments will fare in the next several years, Dependable Homebuyers has observed that many investors are looking for alternative investments. The Signiant drop in the S&P 500 and lead to these investors flocking to real estate to protect their long term investment funds.

“Asset-based investing gained importance in recent year and many investors today consider it a reasonable substitute to traditional fixed income investments,” says Evan Roberts.

Many individuals invest in rental properties in order to obtain cash flow. Cash flow is the money that is left each month after all the bills have been paid. This cash flow can provide ongoing, monthly income that is mostly passive. This allows investors to retain personal time while obtaining returns that are above average in certain cases.

While investors have the opportunity to invest in REITs, Dependable Homebuyers takes the approach of owning real estate directly. They allow homeowners to sell their houses fast without a real estate agent acting as a middle man to take away a portion of the profits. Mr. Roberts argues that they fewer people you have between yourself and the sellers, the more both parties can make from the transaction.

“Real estate can be a positive addition to almost any investment portfolio and complement strategies that have a mix of stocks and bonds,” Evan Roberts explains. He added that an asset with a low correlation to other investments in a portfolio can both reduce overall portfolio risk and increase returns through diversification.

While real estate has been a consistently performing asset for the past decade, many experts warn that it still comes with risks. An analysis of a recent publication can be found at that shows many experts predicting a real estate recession in 2020. Mr. Roberts agreed with the sentiment, but argued that a real estate recession is the perfect time to buy properties.

Real estate provides the potential for both income and long term growth. This diversification has given real estate the reputation of being a hedge against inflation, Mr. Roberts explains. As a real estate investor with Dependable Homebuyers we understand the value of buying real estate and holding it long term. His company, Dependable Homebuyers, has been purchasing homes directly from home sellers since 2012.

“Advisors should present such alternative investments as real estate to their clients. A portfolio of stocks and bonds can only reduce risk ask market volatility so far. Real estate should be treated as a foundational building block to any investment portfolio,” Evan Roberts concludes.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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