Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Company In Minnesota Celebrates 40 Years Of Services

December 31, 2018
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Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services has announced a company milestone. The Roseville, Minnesota based firm has been providing professional appraisal work to clients in the Greater Minneapolis and St Paul metro area for more than 40 years.

Clark Goset, an expert appraiser with the Minnesota firm says, “We are proud of our experience and strive to provide our clients with the most exceptional service for their commercial and industrial real estate property appraisal needs.”

Goset states that the company is court certified to offer appraisals that will stand up in court when the need arises. He says that their certification also helps them to protect against the need to go to court due to their accuracy, which stems from their more than four decades of service. They offer services to the Greater Minneapolis St Paul metro area, as well as the surrounding vicinities.

Court cases show that the need for professional appraisals in the real estate market has become increasingly common. There are a number of reasons why an appraisal may be needed for court proceedings. The firm’s 40 years experience helps them to avoid this need in many cases and when appraisals are needed, the firm states that they have the expertise to ensure that the appraisal is correct and that it serves the needs of their clients.

“We have experience in litigation support and in providing expert witnesses that help clients to win their cases,” Goset says. “Whether you are going through a divorce, ending a partnership or have other needs, our team is here to provide you with the appraisal that will help you in court.”

Goset says that the firm has assisted a number of professionals over the years with appraisals and expert witness services, including government agencies, legal firms, and others. He states that over their more than four decades in service, the firm has remained dedicated to unbiased service. He says that those in need of the firm’s expert services can contact them to schedule a consultation where one of their experts can advise the client on how their appraisal could potentially help them in court. The commercial appraisal company states that they never learn toward their clients but stick with their unbiased appraisals and allow the legal system to do its job.

Goset says that in addition, the company has been providing additional research and analysis over the decades to assist their clients in discrediting conclusions in court. He says that the firm’s track record speaks for itself and is proven to be professional and expert when presented. He says that their appraisal values stand up even under the most extreme scrutiny or cross examination in legal proceedings.

The firm provides a variety of appraisals and services for those in need of easement and encroachment evidence as well as for assistance with boundary disputes, bankruptcies, probate hearings, dissolution of marriage, partnership and other legal entities, eminent domain and a number of other court proceedings. The provide commercial as well as legal appraisal services, land and development property appraisals, residential appraisals, GIS mapping valuation services and others as needed by clients. Goset states that for the past 40 years, the firm has been dedicated to helping their clients to reach the best possible conclusion for their court cases and providing them with the most accurate appraisals possible. He states that those in need of an expert appraisal can simply contact the firm directly to schedule a consultation.

Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services is now celebrating more than four decades of service for a long list of satisfied clients. The company states that they look forward to assisting clients with their appraisal needs for the next four decades or longer. Those who are interested in learning more about the company and its history, or in scheduling a consultation for a business or residential appraisal can visit the firm on their official website or contact them directly to speak with a representative.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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