Auckland Tiling Company JB Tiling Maintains 5 Star Service Rating

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The Auckland tiling company JB Tiling is proud to announce it is consistently receiving 5 stars in of all their online reviews.

Ever since JB Tiling entered the digital web space with a new website, social media profiles and Google My Business profiles, they have maintained a 5 Star or 100% positive review rating on all of their profiles.

With discerning customers being more and more likely to share their dissatisfaction online with a product or service provider, it is definitely an achievement for this well established Auckland tiling company.

George from JB Tiling said, “It’s definitely an honor and very humbling to see all these positive reviews from our clients and it’s gratifying to see that our hard work is noticed by everyone we work for. We only strive to provide the best service for our customers but we are well aware that people look at different things that they count as good service, so to consistently keep everyone happy is outstanding.”

Just by looking at the various reviews on JB Tiling, it’s easy to see how the Auckland tilers are keeping customers so happy with their tiling service.

Sally Anne, a customer wrote, “JB Tiling came and did some work on a rental property of our clients in Auckland Central and we are very happy with the quality of work and professional service. We will be using them on any other tiling projects in the future. Very happy!”

While Adam B said, “Excellent company with work completed to a very high standard every time I have had work done.”

The list of positive reviews only keeps going and to list them all would be a tiring exercise fit for a college educated documenter but it is plain to see the glowing 5-star reviews all over the web where JB Tiling is mentioned.

When asked how George manages to provide such a consistent service he remarked, “it’s to do with professional pride and taking on every job like it’s your own. For a lot of my clients, it’s their first time getting tiles installed, so we want to ensure that it’s the best it can be and that there are no glaring omissions that ruin the job.”

The list of things that George looks out for and maintains on every job is tiring and he is sure to drill the standards into every single member of his tile setters team.

From making sure the drop sheet for the outdoor tile cutting and mixing area is tied down and located away from foot traffic to making sure the tile packaging material is always neatly stacked and ordered before placing in recycling bins, all the way through to make sure the silicone joints are perfectly symmetrical and the tile gaps are flush with each other.

George says, “I always tell the team that you never know who is watching or if there are hidden cameras recording your every move, so even if the home or business may be empty, act like a panel of judges is constantly watch you and maintain professionalism. It sounds nuts, but if you let your standards slip, it shows up in the work.”

JB Tiling has also maintained a consistent review score with the complete list of tiling services that the Auckland tilers provide.

Everything from surface preparation through to interior waterproofing and tiling on floors and wall, both exterior and interior, using all forms of tile and natural stone is undertaken by JB Tiling.

Having a full-service tiling team is essential on large projects or where time is at a premium as it saves organizing multiple companies to come in and do little bits of the work.

Such details always cost time and money and in the fast pace of Auckland’s construction industry, time and money is a commodity no one is risking to waste.

“I won’t say it’s easy doing what we do, there are days where I feel like packing it in and going to work in a tile store, doing the regular 9-5 grind,” George reflects. “But then I got a happy call from a customer or I see the completed bathroom we just tiled and I snap back out of it. Working hard and making people happy is what I was born to do. My body may hate me for it, but I love it.”

JB Tiling has been tiling in Auckland for over 25 years and is able to take on any tile project. Visit their website to learn more and book a free quote today.

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About JB Tiling :

JB Tiling is your local qualified specialist in all aspects of tiling and interior waterproofing. Based in West Auckland, our service area extends to all of Auckland and it’s wider regions. JB Tiling can produce a quality finish that lasts!

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