Furnace Repair Company In Toronto Recommends Furnace Maintenance Before Winter

October 09, 2018
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Laird and Son Heating and Cooling, a company offering furnace repair in Toronto, wants to remind homeowners throughout the Greater Toronto Area about the importance of having their furnaces serviced or repaired before the cold weather sets in. They want to point out that Canadian winter is approaching, bringing with it the average temperature dropping as low as -5 degrees C in the Greater Toronto Area. Homeowners are advised to have their heating systems checked before the onset of winter, when companies commonly get backlogged with service calls, often taking days to respond.

Regularly servicing the furnace can help a homeowner avoid costly major repairs and prolong the life of the furnace. An efficiently operating furnace keeps energy bills down as well as maintains comfortable temperature levels in the house. It is recommended that homeowners hire a professional, reputable, and qualified company to complete any evaluation, inspection, or repair.

Professional technicians must be certified and properly trained and are best equipped to accommodate maintenance of the heating system. Often, homeowners attempting their own repair make a problem worse and could end up paying more to a professional to fix it.

According to the furnace repair company in Toronto, the expected life span of a furnace is about 15 years and it makes good sense to keep it running efficiently to utilize its maximum life span. They recommend getting a preventative check up every fall and mid-season, especially in the winter, to reduce the risk of requiring a major repair at a time when most companies are their busiest.

In addition to regularly scheduled maintenance, they suggest watching and listening closely for signs that indicate the furnace may need a tune-up or repair more immediately.

An unexpected increase in utility bills is a strong indicator that the system may not be operating efficiently. The furnace cycling on and off could mean there is a clogged filter, or something more complicated like the thermostat or improper air circulation, which could include air duct problems.

When the air is blowing weakly or the furnace is blowing cold air, the issue likely involves complex components and should be evaluated by a properly trained, specialized expert. An unusual sound, bang, or bump should also be referred to an experienced technician to evaluate and determine if repairs or service are needed.

Some situations are crucial and potentially dangerous and need to be addressed right away. If there is a gas smell, which could indicate a gas leak, the furnace and the gas should be turned off immediately and referred to a professional as a matter of safety. Similarly, a thermostat that has stopped working is commonly caused by electrical issues. Attempting repairs without proper training can be dangerous and to avoid the risk of shock and possible injury, it should be referred to a trained professional right away.

Laird and Son Heating and Cooling is family owned and operated and has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 70 years. They are well known for their 24-hour emergency service, trained and certified technicians, and their dedication to customer service values. "Laird and Son has always been 100% dedicated to customer service," Neil Laird, President of Laird and Son, said. "As a third-generation owner it is my commitment to continue this tradition of product and service excellence."

Customer reviews seem to agree, reflecting a high value of importance in customer service. A customer from Toronto, Edward K., said in his review, "Had to replace our hot water... The first company I called, which, like Laird & Son, had a very high Google rating, tried to upsell me to a $12,000+ replacement of not only the boiler, but our furnace and central air, saying that it was on its last legs. By contrast, Laird & Son gave me a phone quote of $2,200 to replace the boiler. When their sales manager, Ron, came out to inspect our equipment, he said that there was no need to replace the furnace or air conditioner at all, and came in with a quote for the boiler replacement that was even lower that the phone quote. The Laird & Son technicians were polite and efficient. They replaced our boiler in less than two hours, and I saved more than $10,000 by going with Laird & Sons rather than being up-sold by their competitor, who were neither "accurate" nor particularly "service" oriented in my opinion."

Laird and Son Heating and Cooling is BBB Accredited with an A+ rating.

For those interested in more tips about home heating and cooling, they can visit the Laird and Son website at https://www.lairdandson.com.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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