Garage Door Repair In Tucson Gets Five Star Review

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AJ's Garage Door Service, based in Vail, AZ, is proud to announce that they have received a five star review. The company is an up and coming independent garage door service provider in the Tucson area. They are very happy to receive such kind of reviews and they pledge to continue to serve their customers in the best way possible.

Andrew Johns from AJ's Garage Door Service says, "We are very pleased that customers have found the time to express their satisfaction about the service that we have provided. We would like to say thank you to them for their kind words. And we promise to continue to improve our services."

Andrew Johns says that AJ's Garage Door Service always strives to provide fast service, being aware that those who need garage door repair in Tucson and Vail would want it to be finished sooner than later. He says, "Garage door problems always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time. The last thing you want is to leave what is often the home's main entrance either stuck open or locked shut, unable to use it."

Rose B., who gave the garage repair service a five star rating, says, "I needed a new garage door opener installed and a friend recommended Josh at AJ's. He was very polite and prompt and said that he was on the far east side of Tucson, but that he could come over immediately if I wanted (I'm on the far North West side of Tucson). I did and he was over within the hour. He did a great job and the price was far less than I expected. Really impressed and pleased."

The company offers full service garage door repair, garage door openers repair, garage door opener installation, repair or replacement of broken overhead garage door springs, garage door opener installation, replacement of garage door sections or panels, replacement of broken overhead garage door cables, repair or replacement of broken or worn out rollers, repair of misaligned or off-track doors, torsion spring repair, and extension spring repair.

A common problem with garage doors is a broken spring. That is why AJ's Garage Door Service makes use of springs with Made in USA steel, which were actually made right there in Arizona. Andrew Johns says, "We're ready to help fix the problems you're having with your garage door springs anywhere in Tucson, but we are particularly prompt with residents who need garage door spring repairs on Tucson's Eastside, near Davis-Monthan AFB, as well as Vail, Rita Ranch, the Pantano area, Sabino Canyon and Tanque Verde areas."

Andrew Johns explains that even though they talk about garage door spring repairs, when a garage door spring is found to be broken, it has to be replaced. These springs are often found to be broken because they need to carry much of the weight of the garage doors each time they are opened or closed. Also, if one spring is broken, it will not be long before the other spring will also break down. That is why it is usually suggested that both springs are to be replaced.

There are also some indications that the garage door spring is broken and has to be replaced. Andrew Johns explains, "When one spring breaks your door will have a hard time opening and closing and will feel very heavy. Your automatic opener will probably start making a lot more noise, too."

Andrew Johns warns homeowners, "If you're unsure whether a spring has broken, do not pull the emergency release handle to disconnect the opener from the door if the door is in an open position without being aware that the entire door may come crashing down. This is why you should never leave a door with a broken spring open while waiting for repairs unless you block the door open. It's too dangerous to risk having someone not know the full weight of the door isn't controlled, which could lead to injuries." He adds, "If you're going to block the tracks to keep the door open, make sure you block it on both sides. You can never be too careful."

Andrew Johns says that they have made and posted a video, titled "Understanding the Basics of Garage Door Springs" to help people know more about their garage doors.

AJ's Garage Door Service is a small, local garage door repair company serving the Tucson and Vail area. They point out that they are committed to providing competitive pricing and the most personal service.

Those interested in knowing more about the various services of AJ's Garage Door Service may want to visit their website at

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About AJ's Garage Door Service of Tucson :

AJ's Garage Door Service of Tucson offers Fast, Affordable Garage Door Repair ​in Tucson. A small operation by choice, we keep costs down and customer service high, passing the savings and satisfaction along to you on springs, openers, rollers and more!

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