iProvèn's TMT 215 Triple Mode Thermometer With Mute Button Launched

June 05, 2018
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iProvèn is proud to announce the launch of their latest thermometer, the TMT-215 triple mode thermometer. It is currently available on Amazon, where details about the new thermometer have been included. Aside from adding a third mode or function to dual mode thermometers, it also features a mute button that prevents it from emitting the usual beep after taking a temperature.

A spokesperson for iProvèn says: "iProvèn's Triple Mode Thermometer is designed with mommies in mind. The team has worked tirelessly over the newest addition to iProvèn's range that includes all the features of a thermometer moms dream of. And the result is finally here."

The mute button that the thermometer is fitted with is of particular interest to new parents. Babies, as all parents know, are very light sleepers and the slightest sound can disturb them, particularly when they are unwell. The spokesperson continues: "Imagine measuring your feverish baby's forehead with a thermometer that beeps loud enough to wake up the whole house. That's why we included a mute button. Your little one will never know you took its temperature in the middle of the night."

The new thermometer is also available on Amazon. Here, it joins the full range of other thermometers that the company has released. These include a number of dual function (forehead and ear) thermometers, oral and rectal thermometers, and basal body thermometers for those wanting to chart their ovulation cycle. The representative continues: "We want to be involved in maintaining your family's health from conception to old age, which is why we have released thermometers for every eventuality."

Besides thermometers such as the TMT-215, iProvèn has also launched ovulation and pregnancy test kits and a blood pressure monitor. They are all available both through Amazon. In so doing, they provide their customers not just with the security of their own satisfaction guarantee, but also with the safety and security that Amazon offers to all of its shoppers.

Those interested can visit the website for more information on the triple mode thermometer.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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