I Provèn's BBT 113 Ai Thermometer Helps Women Chart Basal Body Temperature

May 07, 2018
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The human body provides a way for women to determine those days when they are most fertile, which is very helpful to couples who want to plan their family. For instance, women are able to chart their fertility and use this to help them conceive or to help them avoid pregnancy in a natural way. iProvèn's website now lists the company's latest product that helps them achieve this: the BBT-113Ai Basal Body Temperature Thermometer.

A representative from the company explains: "Immediately after ovulation, a woman's basal body temperature rises up to 0.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Measuring this allows women to chart their most fertile days, which is very important for those trying to get pregnant or prevent pregnancy. It is absolutely essential that they measure their temperature as soon as they wake up, before even getting out of bed."

The new BBT-113Ai is more sensitive and accurate than a regular thermometer. The display shows two decimals. It is waterproof and allows for both oral and rectal measurements. After taking a reading, it softly beeps, loud enough to be heard but not so loud as to be disturbing. Women can chart their readings over the course of a full cycle to see a pattern, determining those days when they are most fertile.

The representative continues: "By charting temperatures, women can determine exactly when they are ovulating and should have intercourse if they want to have a baby, or when to use protection if they don't want to get pregnant. It is a fantastic form of natural family planning."

The device is now available in the storefront on Amazon. It joins other products in their ovulation and pregnancy category, which includes other basal body thermometers as well as ovulation and pregnancy test strips. The company has also recently released a new pregnancy test kit, completing the family of products. iProvèn is known for their highly accurate medical grade devices for at home use. Besides products to help those trying to conceive or trying not to conceive, they also have a range of other thermometers in stock for the whole family, as well as a highly accurate blood pressure monitor to help monitor overall health.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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